Electronic Solutions

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Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

Innovative Solutions. Proven Applications

Partnering with Our Customers

John Deere Electronic Solutions is dedicated to meeting our customers' needs through innovative technologies and unsurpassed engineering design capabilities. Add to that our extensive manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive range of support services, and you'll find a partner in John Deere Electronic Solutions for the demanding electronic needs anywhere in your world.

From Mobile Equipment to Industrial Applications

Our customers depend on their equipment to function under the most extreme conditions. We have extensive experience in the custom design and manufacture of integrated electronics that can withstand the harshest physical and electrical environments, and have partnered with companies in a variety of industries, including:

Mobile Equipment

  • Off Highway
    • Mechanized Agriculture
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Heavy Construction
    • Forestry
    • Mining
    • Military
    • Personnel Lifts
    • Material Handling
    • Commercial & Consumer Equipment
  • On Highway
    • Heavy Duty Trucking
    • Bus
    • Electric Vehicles

Other Industrial Applications

  • Off-Highway Engine & Transmission
  • Electric Specialty Vehicles
  • Mechanized Irrigation
  • Small Engine Controls
  • Generators
  • Air Compressors
Electronic solutions

Company Profile

Full Service Capabilities

The workforce, technology, and facilities to handle all aspects of building quality electronics solutions that operate in extreme environments.

John Deere Electronic Solutions is a company with a strong technological focus and extensive engineering design capabilities. We have engineers engaged in over 80 active projects. We also have extensive experience in product design, product test, manufacturing, and support services. This enables us to handle any and all aspects of providing solutions to industries that require quality electronics which operate in harsh or extreme environments.

Service Models

Flexible Service Approach

Our full spectrum of services is designed to meet your unique needs, whether it's a product, a single modular component, or a fully engineered electrical/electronic system. At John Deere Electronic Solutions, our goal is to develop close, long-term relationships with our customers, providing innovative solutions that improve product reliability and enhance the OEM brand value.

Custom Service Experience

John Deere Electronic Solutions is structured to provide a custom service experience. We are flexible in meeting the needs of your organization, offering various levels of service from engineering to manufacturing. We can develop and manufacture products from concept through field service, or build your design to print, or any level in between.


Strong Technical Expertise, Strong Relationships

In 1987, three top executives from a leading original equipment manufacturer founded Phoenix International Corporation in Fargo, North Dakota. They recognized the need to provide strong technical expertise, while conducting business with an emphasis on open commercial relationships with their customers. With foresight and hard work, these entrepreneurs developed the groundwork for an electronic hardware/software design and manufacturing company that specializes in electronic controls, power electronics, displays, and sensor products.