Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Quick Specs

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G-Series Compacts Quick Specs

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Size Classifications

  • Small-frame machines include the 312GR, 316GR, 314G, 318G Skid Steers and 317G Compact Track Loader (CTL).
  • Mid-frame machines include the 320G and 324G Skid Steers and 325G CTL.
  • Large-frame machines include the 330G and 332G Skid Steers and 331G and 333G CTLs.

Radial vs. Vertical-Lift

  • Radial-Lift: 312GR and 316GR Skid Steers
    • Good for digging, grading and backfilling.
    • Simple linkage with fewer grease zerks.
    • Better visibility in tight spaces.
    • More reach at mid-range lift heights for dumping over a wall, backfilling, or loading a flatbed.
  • Vertical-Lift: On all other Skid Steer and CTL models
    • More stability when lifting.
    • More lift height.
    • More reach at the top of the lift path.
    • Good for truck loading and heavy lifting.


  • Compact dimensions work in small spaces.
  • Minimum width
    • CTL: 1.65 m (65 in.)
    • Skid Steers: 1.52 m (60 in.)
  • Easy to transport with even some ½-ton trucks without a commercial driver’s license.
  • Operating weights
    • CTL: Just over 3600 kg (8,000 lb.)
    • Skid Steer: Under 3000 kg (6,500 lb.)
  • Lift Height (Height to Hinge Pin):
    • Radial-Lift Skid Steers: 2.92 m (115.1 in.)
    • Vertical-Lift Skid Steers: Up to 3.35 m (132 in.)
    • Vertical-Lift CTL: Up to 3.35 m (132 in.)


  • Shared components with the highly reliable E-Series.
  • Engine type, main control valve, hydraulic motor, pumps, axles, drive chains, alternator, boom and bucket cylinders.


  • Integrated protection systems:
    • Provide warning messages and automatically shut down the machines before expensive component failures.
  • Spend less time on maintenance:
    • Easy-access grease-zerk locations.
    • Swing-out hydraulic oil coolers.
    • Large access points for debris removal.
  • Work longer between refills:
    • 71-L (19 gal.) fuel tank (small-frame SSLs and CTL)
    • 79-L (21 gal.) fuel tank (mid-frame SSLs and CTL)
    • 96.5-L (25.5 gal.) fuel tank (large-frame SSLs)
    • 114-L (30 gal.) fuel tank (large-frame CTLs)

Operator's Station and Controls

  • Open or enclosed: Open operator’s station standard on all
  • Cab with heat: Optional on small-frame models
  • Cab with heat and A/C: Optional on all. Not available on 312GR and 314G Skid Steers.
  • Foot controls: Standard on small- and mid-frame skid steers
  • Manual hands-only controls: Optional on small-frame skid steers
  • Electrohydraulic (EH) controls: Standard on CTLs. Optional on 316GR and above skid steers including switchable pattern options
  • Easy footwell cleanout.

Popular Options

  • Power Quik-tatch™.
  • Hydraulic self-leveling lift cycle.
  • Sealed-switch module with integrated anti-theft.