E-Series Articulated Dump Trucks Infographic

E-Series Articulated Dump Truck Infographic

E-Series Articulated Dump Trucks

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Quick Machine Specs

  • Operating Weight Empty:
    • 460E: 71,028 lb.
    • 410E: 70,224 lb.
    • 370E: 67,863 lb. 
  • Heaped Capacity:
    • 460E: 33.4 cubic yards
    • 410E: 29.7 cubic yards
    • 370E: 26.8 cubic yards
  • Net Peak Power:
    • 460E: 481 hp
    • 410E: 443 hp
    • 370E: 422 hp
  • Rated Payload: 
    • 460E: 92,195 lb.
    • 410E: 82,157 lb.
    • 370E: 74,139 lb.
  • Engine (All Large-Frame E-Series Models)
    • John Deere PowerTech™ 13.5-L Diesel EPA-Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV Certified

Dump-Body Construction

  • Strong
  • Heavy-duty
  • Standard adaptive suspension
  • Heavy-duty John Deere hauler axles that are Deere built with pressure-lubed and filtered system

John Deere Ultimate Uptime

  • John Deere Ultimate Uptime:
    • Pre-delivery and follow-up inspections
    • Your choice of packaged or a la carte uptime solutions
  • Three years standard:
    • JDLink™ Ultimate Telematics
    • Machine Health Prognostics
    • Remote Diagnostics and Programming Capability

Productivity-Boosting Features

  • Auto Dump:
    • Automated dump action and engine RPM control reduces fatigue and speeds cycle time
  • On-the-Fly Auto-Diff Lock:
    • Ability to engage while slipping for increased traction on hills or soft material
  • Downhill-Descent Control:
    • Hold speeds automatically using transmission retarder when service brakes and accelerator are released
  • GoHaul App for iOS and Android devices
  • Hill Hold while loading

Safety Features

  • Standard rearview camera:
    • See obstructions behind the machine to enhance safety
  • Auto Horn:
    • Horn automatically sounds before the machine starts or is shifted into drive and reverse
  • Rollover Protection:
    • Dump-body rollover protection helps reduce the likelihood of a rear chassis tip-over

Maintenance Features

  • 500-Hour engine oil-change interval
  • Ground-level daily service and refueling with just 8 weekly grease fittings

Intelligent Features

  • Tire temperature monitoring
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Onboard payload weighing
  • Machine data can be viewed remotely through JDLink™ online or mobile app