944K Hybrid Wheel Loader At a Glance

944K Wheel Loader Infographic


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944K Hybrid Wheel Loader Quick Machine Specs

  • 536 engine horsepower. 
  • 9 cubic yard bucket capacity with spade-nose bucket. 
  • 83K+ pounds breakout force in.

Hybrid-Loader Advantages

The 944K Hybrid Wheel Loader can provide significant fuel savings over 9-yard3 (6.88 m3) loaders with conventional drivetrains.

Long-term reliability

  • Reduced engine-speed range helps reduce engine wear.
  • Water-cooled brake resistors
  • Sold-state power electronics. 
  • Brushless motors and A/C generators for fewer wear parts.

Big-time support

  • Annual technician certification
  • Dealer technical assistance specialists
  • World-class parts availability
  • John Deere Ultimate Uptime:
    • Five years standard with JDLink™ Ultimate Telematics, Machine-Health Prognostics and Remote-Diagnostics and
    • Programming Capability
    • Pre-Delivery and Follow-Up Inspections
    • Your Choice of Packaged or à la Carte Uptime Solutions

Smooth Operator

  • Three operator-selected RPMs: Powerful, responsive boom and bucket functions for optimum fuel
  • Low noise, inside and out. For bystander: 108 dBA. In cab: 72dBA.
  • Strong pushing and quick ramp climbing is excellent for maintaining stockpiles and heaping hoppers.
  • No transmission shifting or clutching for smooth reversals and less spillage.

It's All About Control

Standard traction control

  • No operator involvement required.
  • Increases traction in poor underfoot conditions.
  • Virtually eliminates runaway wheel spin to increase tire life

Rimpull Control

  • An additional measure of protection against tire spin and slicing in the first operating range when crowding
    loads to fill the bucket.
    Select one of five settings on the sealed-switch module.

Coast Control

  • Three settings to vary feel between a conventional torque-converter transmission and dynamic braking
    with hydrostatic transmission.
  • Slows the loader without touching a pedal.
  • Service brakes rarely need to be used in V-pattern truck loading with coast control for reduced wear