850L Dozer on a worksite with a dumptruck in the background.
Winter 2022

John Deere Bull Dozers

Whether you're excavating dirt, leveling land, or backfilling a trench, you won't be wondering "do I need a dozer?" It will be "what kind?" Your John Deere team is here with the facts and specs to help you choose the right equipment for the job.

As a class, bull dozers are some of the most powerful types of earthmoving equipment available. They're used for all kinds of construction projects and set the standard for clearing sites and moving dirt and debris. Some of the more common applications include the following:

A John Deere 750L Dozer scooping dirt on a worksite.

750L Crawler Dozer moving dirt on worksite.

John Deere Crawler Dozers

When customers sound off, we listen. John Deere has been introducing productivity-boosting advantages on our crawler dozers for decades. We make it our business to know your business. Available in 8 different models with operating weights from 17,510 - 57,320 lbs. 

Small Dozers (Models: 450P-Tier, 550P-Tier, 650P-Tier)

    • Refined cab comfort with updated joysticks and optional heated seats. 
    • Slope control with dual laser
    • EZ grade operator assists

Mid-size Dozers (Models: 700L 750L, 850L)

    • Increased horsepower, comfort, and reliability
    • Most horsepower in the class
    • Optional SmartGrade™ and Slope Control technology automatically maintains the blade angle

John Deere Waste Handler Dozers and Loaders

Durably constructed and packed with customer-inspired features, John Deere waste handlers are built for tough environments. They're engineered to move solid waste and tackle tough tasks at landfills, recycling facilities, scrap yards and transfer stations. Available in 9 different models with operating weights from 40,067 - 103,300 lbs. 

Waste Handler Crawler Dozers (Models: 850L, 950 P-Tier, 1050 P-Tier)

    • Multiple blade configurations: U, semi-U, straight, power-angle-tilt (PAT)
    • Add rear attachments or a storage compartment
    • Cooling packages to prevent plugging and overheating

Waste Handler Crawler Loaders (Models: 655K, 755K)

    • Choose a multi- or general-purpose bucket to boost capacity
    • Swing-out and tilt-out components for low-effort debris removal
    • Heavy-duty undercarriage is sealed, lubricated, and built to last

Waste Handler Loaders (Models: 624 P-TIER / 644 P-TIER / 644 X-TIER / 724 P-TIER)

    • Innovative Quad-Cool™ system isolates cooling components from engine heat
    • Specialty guards resist material collection and build up
    • Innovative E-Drive transmission maximizes pushing power and fuel efficiency

John Deere Dozers: Pipeline Equipment

With a range of sizes, lift capacities and configurations, John Deere dozers are your dependable partner in the trenches.

Pipelayer-Ready (PL) Crawlers (Models: 700L PL, 850L PL)

    • Sideboom-ready PL platform and mounting plates for easy installation
    • Pipelayer controls seamlessly integrated into the joystick
    • Up to 220,000 pounds of maximum lift capacity

Dozer Sidebooms and Winches

    • K-Series dozers can be equipped with sidebooms and rear winches
    • Customize your setup for your specific application

Blade Basics

Here's a look at some of the most common types of dozer blades and their applications.

    • S-Blade - short, with no side wings; best for backfilling and grading
    • U-Blade - curved with large wings; best for pushing materials across long distances
    • Semi-U Blade - narrower with smaller wings; best for pushing sand and soil
    • Angle Blade - two-way with angled motion; best for soft-to-medium density tasks like soil, gravel, and snow
    • Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) - versatile, can angle, tilt and lift; best for clearing, backfilling, scraping, and grading

Why choose John Deere?

Sure, there are plenty of dozer options out there. But it's hard to match John Deere's combination of quality, innovation, and support. See everything that puts John Deere in a class of its own.

Unparalleled features

      • Cab comfort
      • SmartGrade Control with Slope Guard
      • Powerful and responsive
      • High-beam lights
      • Excellent cab visibility
      • Quality construction
      • Power turns
      • Counter-rotating tracks
      • Power management
      • Variable travel speeds


Intelligent machines that enable lives to leap forward.

Deere & Company (www.JohnDeere.com) is a global leader in the delivery of agricultural, construction and forestry equipment. We help our customers push the boundaries of what’s possible in ways that are more productive and sustainable to help life leap forward. Our technology-enabled products including John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor, See & Spray™, and E-Power Backhoe are just some of the ways we help meet the world's increasing need for food, shelter and infrastructure. Deere & Company also provides financial services through John Deere Financial.

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