close up images of stinger grader edges


coupon preview for 30% off select stinger scarifier blades

Save 30% on Select* John Deere Stinger Scarifier Blades

Just take this coupon to your nearest participating John Deere Construction & Forestry dealer and use it towards the purchase of new John Deere Stinger scarifier blades. 

*Available on all standard-, heavy-, and severe-duty 36-in. and 48-in. Stinger scarifier blades.  This program is subject to end without notice.  Available at participating dealers.

chart showing five advantages of using Stinger blades


Instead of changing out entire blade sections, the bits can be replaced individually, reducing downtime and cost. This also helps balance wear, which leads to longer life.

John Deere StingerTM Scarifier Blades eliminate washboarding and potholes. Stingers help maintain road surfaces in fewer passes, with less horsepower and down pressure than standard grader blades. They are ideal for light-use to extreme applications, and everything in between. Plus, Stingers are easy to install of any size and make of grader.

Why Choose Stinger Scarifier Blades?

Longer Lasting

Stinger rotating, carbide-tipped bits are stronger than steel and provide up to 10 times longer wear than traditional blades.

Easy Spreading

Unrestricted side-cast moldboard angle allows material to flow easily through the bits spreading it more evenly and creating a more compact road surface.

Fewer Passes

The Stinger system’s 360-degree bit rotation easily fractures hard-packed roads and recycles gravel in the roadbed, enabling you to create smooth surfaces with fewer passes and less road material.