John Deere Forestry & Logging Equipment

Don't just work. Win. Number one in the woods.
Don't just work. Win. Number one in the woods.


Prove yourself

With every day in the woods being a chance to prove yourself, you deserve the best equipment to do just that. We’ve developed unrivaled production systems, leading precision technologies, and a top network of dealers backing your fleet so you can show the world what you’re made of.


John Deere 3756G LC Log Loader stacking logs at a landing site


You need a finance team that does more than just look up your credit score. John Deere Financial Services gets in the trenches to learn about your entire operation and help keep you running strong.

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Scott Decker, Vernon Decker Sr., Barbara Decker, and Vernon Ray Decker stand near a 748L-II Cable Skidder.

Family Time

Decker Chipping & Logging has carved out a niche by excelling in the rugged terrain of Tennessee, where forestland covers more than half the state. A deep family bond and a passion for logging have propelled the company forward.

A John Deere 953MH Tracked Harvester equipped with a Waratah H415X processing head gets to work.

Logging Through It All

Forestry roots run deep in the northern Ontario community of Hearst. Since its start in 2000, Tessier Logging Company has become part of the fabric of the community.


Those who OUTRUN with John Deere

Tablet showing a Timber Matic map on the screen with a topographic map behind it

Precision Forestry

John Deere wants you to be able to see the forest AND the trees. Our suite of technology helps make you profitable, productive, and efficient no matter how unique your job list may be.

Studio photo of a Bogie Grapple Skidder 768L-II on grey background

Tough terrain productivity

The new John Deere 768L‑II Bogie Skidder is a six-wheeled, heavy-duty skidder that delivers outstanding traction, stability, and flotation in wet conditions and on steep slopes. Go the distance on shaky ground.

John Deere dealer and customer standing on the side of the mountain looking at the forest below

Unrivaled Dealer Support

Making the most of our world-class dealer network is one of the easiest ways to decrease your costs, increase your uptime, and stay on top of the task at hand. From rapid service to preventative maintenance, we help you persevere.