Plant for success

Maximizing the full potential of your field means getting every bit of value out of each seed. And to help you reach that potential, John Deere planting solutions provide the kind of next-generation performance you need.

field of crops

Most critical factor of corn yield during in-field testing

University of Minnesota research on emergence, timing, population, and spacing found that uniform emergence has by far the largest impact on yield, up to 9%.

Plants in soil

Don’t let uneven emergence rob your yield

A recent study by Purdue University identified the top factors of corn yield: even emergence, soil moisture, soil temperature, and seed-to-soil contact. Of these, even emergence had the largest impact on ultimate yield.

rows of crop using section control

Automated section control pays for itself in 2 years

This 2011 study from Auburn University shows that using automatic section control during planting delivers input savings from 1% to 12% on each pass, with an average seed savings of 4.3%. Investing in section control technology will pay for itself within 2 years.

Research at a major land grant university shows John Deere ExactEmerge outperforms the standard for spacing and emergence, even at planting speeds of 10mph.