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Certified Engines

In order to locate the appropriate emissions certificate, you will need to:
  1. Locate the emissions label on the engine (valve cover or engine block)
  2. Record engine build year and EPA Family number from the emissions label
John Deere Emission Certified Label 
Please select the engine application class for the certification year.
2014: Off-Highway   Marine  
2013: Off-Highway   Marine Large SI
2012: Off-Highway   Marine Large SI
2011: Off-Highway   Marine Large SI
2010: Off-Highway   Marine Large SI
2009: Off-Highway   Marine Large SI
2008: Off-Highway   Marine Large SI
2007: Off-Highway On-Highway Marine  
2006: Off-Highway On-Highway Marine  
2005: Off-Highway On-Highway Marine  
2004: Off-Highway On-Highway Marine  


Off-Highway On-Highway    
2002: Off-Highway On-Highway    
2001: Off-Highway On-Highway    
2000: Off-Highway      
1999: Off-Highway      
1998: Off-Highway      
1997: Off-Highway      
1996: Off-Highway      
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Engine Information Search

With the Engine Information Search application, you can find engine emissions certificates for existing engines by using your John Deere engine or vehicle serial number.
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