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ZTrak™ Z900 M Series

Efficiency in action. Value in every cut.

ZTrak Z900 M Series

With the M Series, we came up with machines that would please those customers with large fleets who demand efficiency.  So we gave them alternative fuel options, Mulch On Demand decks, dump-from-seat MCS capability, and easy-to-use diagnostics.

Alternative Fuel Options

The ZTrak M Series gives you the flexibility to choose the most efficient fuel for your fleet.  Choose between carbureted gasoline engines, Electronic Fuel Injection, Flex Fuel (E85) and Propane.  With these options, it's easy to find the mower that will maximize your fuel savings.

7-Iron™ PRO and Mulch On Demand™ Mower Decks

Each ZTrak M Series mower is paired with one of our 7-Iron PRO mower decks - available in 48, 54, 60, and 72-inch (122, 137, 152, 183-cm) options, or Mulch On Demand decks, depending upon the model. These decks are stamped from a single piece of 7-gauge steel, which means there are no welds or corners on the underside for clippings to collect and clump.

Features and Special Incentives

  • 7-Iron™ and Mulch-On-Demand Mower Decks

    7-Iron™ and Mulch On Demand™ Mower Decks

    Stamped from 7-gauge steel, these decks require an incredible 4,000,000 pounds of force to create their shell. See why they're the strongest, most durable mowing decks in the industry.

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    • Mulch On Demand™

      Discover Mulch On Demand™

      Switch between mulching and side discharging without ever leaving your seat.

        View Mulch-On-Demand VideoView Mulch-On-Demand Video
      • GreenFleet Rewards

        GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards

        GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards is designed to help you manage your fleet, assist your bottom line, and thank you for your purchases.

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