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Committment, Quality, Integrity and Innovation:  At John Deere, we don't offer jobs, we offer careers. Here, we know the value of diverse ideas. We embrace a culture that is accepting and understanding. Working smarter together, we make decisions to help make the customers' job easier. Because when we succeed, the company succeeds, leaving a lasting impact on the seven billion people who call this planet home.

Employee Testimonials

Career Development

Kim Goodley"I was pleasantly surprised by the support I was given to learn and grow within my position. The amount of training and development was sincerely appreciated and I took full advantage of benefits like learning more technical education and skills for my role as well as furthering my formal education. I completed my MBA within the first few years of being employed at John Deere."

Kim Goodley
Manager of Brand Training & Communications


Andrew Colosky"During my last summer in college, I was able to get an internship at John Deere. At this time we were in the middle of the recession so there were not a lot of internships to be found and many of those offered were later rescinded by those companies. John Deere proved that they were committed to their employees and that they were stable enough to handle the bad times. For me that was a very desirable quality of John Deere."

Andrew Colosky
Embedded Software Engineer

Work/Life Balance

Meghann Junge "I can honestly say that I love my job. Being a wife and mom of two, my personal life is very important to me. Being able to close things up at the end of the day to enjoy my family is priceless. I know that anyone on my team would step up and help out another at any time. Having fun at work and even setting up outside of work activities has really brought our team closer."

Meghann Junge
Senior Materials Specialist


Andrew Traiser"Seeing our customers use the products I helped develop gives me a sense of pride. I know that I am positively impacting users of John Deere equipment and that keeps me motivated and passionate about my work."

Andrew Traiser
Software Design Engineer

Hands-on experience

Amy Jones"In my first internship, I expected to learn how to brew coffee and make copies. That expectation was blown away when I spent the third day of my internship driving a bulldozer. I loved the hands-on parts of the work and found out that I thrived when given a project that I could own. That kind of experience was worth so much more than a paycheck. I went back to school energized and excited about what I was going to accomplish."

Amy Jones
Product Engineer


Stephanie Rosen"It is nice to work at a company that you respect. John Deere is committed to doing business correctly and expects the same integrity from its employees. It is a great comfort to know that my company supports me and other employees in making ethical decisions."

Stephanie Rosen
Part-time student in Software Development

Global workplace

Alex Mork profile picture"I have worked and interfaced with other John Deere and non-Deere individuals at worldwide locations such as Japan, China, India, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, and Mexico to name a few. These experiences have promoted teamwork and collaboration with some of the best and brightest minds within John Deere."

Alex Mork
Lead Electronic Design Engineer

Networking Opportunities

Stephanie Jantz"I recently joined the WomenREACH employee resource group. It supports women in the workplace. I have had the opportunity to go on networking lunches and attend seminars. As a group, we are volunteering for the United Way Summer Backpack program by filling bags with food for children that don’t get enough food during the summer months."

Stephanie Jantz
Software Design Engineer


Karen Buerkle"Each facility has its own culture, and the location I am at feels like a small family-business. I come to work every day and feel like I personally can make an impact. My coworkers, managers, and the people on the shop floor feel like family to me; we share laughs, frustrations, family stories, and successes together. With this environment, I know that I have a voice in making decisions and when I execute, I go home feeling a sense of personal accomplishment.."

Karen Buerkle
Project Manager for Drivetrain Component Machining

"The John Deere core values, Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Innovation, are the focal point of how we do business. Steadfast practice of these core values has allowed John Deere to be well respected throughout the world, and I love being able to say that I work for John Deere."
Andrew Schefter testimonial- Andrew SchefterMechanical Design Engineer

John Deere Internships

Career advice from Amy Jones

"Get an internship and seek out opportunities to develop your communication skills ... Regardless of your degree or job function, you'll be working with a team ... Having solid listening skills and the ability to communicate complex information clearly is a vital part of being successful in today's global economy." - Amy Jones

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