Finding the Final Tier 4 Engine Fit

After years of powering its equipment with John Deere engines — mostly Tier 3 engines/Stage III A models — Bandit Industries of Remus, Michigan, has been transitioning its line of wood-processing machines to Final Tier 4 engines.

Bandit wood cutter

Fitting a Final Tier 4 engine into a space once inhabited by an earlier tier engine often requires some engineering ingenuity. During these times, Bandit Industries turned to its John Deere engine distributor, Superior Diesel, to help make the transition as easy and as seamless as possible.

“When Final Tier 4 emissions went into effect, Superior Diesel rose as the leading distributor in configuring engines to our needs,” relates Derrick Davis, design engineering manager for Bandit Industries. “Superior Diesel’s engineers work with our engineering team to design custom power units and are creative with their packages to fit our space claims.”

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