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John Deere Publishing

John Deere Publishing offers five comprehensive series of books and educational curricula covering agribusiness management practices, agricultural machinery operation and adjustments, and equipment servicing and maintenance.


Each series is packed with quality information you'd expect from John Deere, yet no brands or models are mentioned. The books contain many illustrations and easy-to-read descriptions that break down complex systems and theories into simple, understandable concepts.

Recent Revisions

  • Engines © 2014 (Textbook, Instructor Guide, Student Guide, and Instructor Art Catalog)
  • Fuels, Lubricants, and Coolants © 2015 (Textbook)
  • Preventative Maintenance © 2015 (Textbook, Instructor Guide, and Student Guide)
  • Welding © 2016 (Textbook)


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Primer SeriesPrimer Series

This series covers the fundamentals of an agricultural subject using simple, direct language to break complex concepts into simple ideas. These books deal with topics that change rapidly and contain technology that is constantly evolving.

Title/DescriptionProductOrder No.Price (USD)
The Precision-Farming Guide for Agriculturists
Is precision farming for you? This book has the answers to that question. After exploring agricultural applications of GPS, yield monitoring systems, and mapping, it examines economic and environmental considerations.
Book © 2010 FP403NC US$ 43.95
Instructor Guide FP403T US$ 28.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FP403TD US$ 17.95
Introduction to Crop Production
An overview of the processes, principles and practices associated with crop production.
Book © 2010 FP701NC US$ 43.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FP701TD US$ 17.95

Farm Business Management

Farm Business Management SeriesFarm Business Management Series

This series examines the key to survival of farm and ranch: good business management. These books examine "real-world" problems and offer practical solutions in the areas of marketing, financing, equipment selection, and crop/livestock/wildlife management.

Title/DescriptionProductOrder No.Price (USD)
Farm and Ranch Business Management
An introduction to sound management practices.
Book © 2014 FBM10107NC $ 50.95
Instructor Guide FBM10507T $ 42.95
Student Guide FBM10607W $ 29.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD
FBM10107TD $ 17.95
Farm and Ranch Safety Management
A vital management tool for creating a safe working environment within your agricultural enterprises.
Book © 2009 FBM18105NC $ 59.95
Machinery Management
How to select machinery to fit the needs of today's farm managers.
Book © 2008 FBM17106NC $ 43.95

Machine Operation

Fundamentals of Machine Operations SeriesFundamentals of Machine Operation Series

This series shows you much more than how to safely operate equipment. These books explain machine capacities and adjustments, how to improve machine performance, and how to eliminate unnecessary field operations.

Title/DescriptionProductOrder No.Price (USD)
Combine Harvesting
How to operate, maintain, and improve the efficiency of your combine.
Book © 2013 FMO15106NC US$ 40.95
Instructor Guide FMO15506T US$ 43.95
Student Guide FMO15606W US$ 19.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FMO15106TD US$ 17.95
Hay and Forage Harvesting
"Real world" evaluations of the many different ways to improve hay and forage harvesting and storage efficiency.
Book © 2013 FMO14107NC US$ 40.95
Instructor Guide FMO14507T US$ 52.95
Student Guide FMO14607W US$ 17.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FMO14107TD US$ 17.95
Preventive Maintenance
A practical step-by-step guide to reducing equipment operating costs and downtime, and improving operating safety.
Textbook © 2015 Order No. – FMO16108NC US$ 47.95
Instructor Guide Order No. – FMO16508T US$ 35.95
Student Guide Order No. – FMO16608W US$ 20.95
A practical guide to the latest tillage methods, conservation planning, crop-residue management, and solutions to soil compaction.
Book © 2007 FMO11104NC US$ 37.95
Instructor Guide FMO11504T US$ 49.95
Student Guide FMO11604W US$ 23.95
How to operate, maintain, and improve the performance of your tractors.
Book © 2014 FMO10105NCX US$ 43.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD
FMO10105TD US$ 17.95

Fundamentals of Service

Fundamentals of Service SeriesFundamentals of Service Series

These books concentrate on mechanical technology, bringing together technical information and supporting instructional aids that will help you become more proficient in understanding, repairing, and maintaining agricultural equipment.

Title/DescriptionProductOrder No.Price (USD)
Air Conditioning
Servicing, testing, and maintenance guide for air-conditioning systems in off-road vehicles, trucks, buses, and automobiles.
Book © 2014 FOS5711NC US$ 36.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS5711TD US$ 17.95
Bearings and Seals
A basic guide to failure diagnosis and repair.
Book © 2014 FOS5407NC US$ 36.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD
FOS5407TD US$ 17.95
Belts and Chains
A basic guide to the maintenance, installation, and failure diagnosis of belt and chain drives.
Book © 2012 FOS5307NC US$ 22.95
Electronic and Electrical Systems
Servicing, testing, and maintenance guide for electronic and electrical systems in off-road vehicles, trucks, buses, and automobiles.
Book © 2014 FOS2010NC US$ 52.95
Instructor Guide FOS2010T US$ 44.95
Student Guide FOS2010W US$ 33.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD
FOS2010TD US$ 17.95
Electronic and Electrical Systems - Chinese
Book © 2005 FOS200814NC US$ 23.74
Instructor Guide FOS200814T US$ 44.95
Student Guide FOS200814W US$ 33.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS200814TD US$ 17.95
Servicing, testing, and maintenance guide for engine systems in off-road vehicles, trucks, buses, and automobiles.
Textbook © 2015 Order No. – FOS3012NC US$ 52.95
Instructor Guide Order No. – FOS3012T US$ 44.95
Student Guide Order No. – FOS3012W US$ 31.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD Order No. – FOS3012TD US$ 17.95
Engines - Chinese
Book © 2009 FOS301014NC US$ 21.72
Instructor Guide FOS301014T US$ 44.95
Student Guide FOS301014W US$ 31.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS301014TD US$ 17.95
A basic guide to the purpose and special uses of each of the many kinds of fasteners, including how they are designated and measured.
Book © 2008 FOS6006NC US$ 24.95
Fuels, Lubricants, Coolants and Filters
A training guide to the hows and whys of modern fuels, lubricants, and coolants.
Textbook © 2015 Order No. – FOS5810NC US$ 24.95
Glossary of Technical Terms
A complete dictionary for agricultural, industrial, and compact-equipment applications.
Book © 2012 FOS6203NC US$ 22.95
Hoses, Tubing and Connectors
A basic guide to their design, installation, and failure diagnosis.
Book © 2012 FOS6303NC US$ 22.95
Servicing, testing, and maintenance guide for hydraulic systems in off-road vehicles, trucks, buses, and automobiles.
Book © 2011 FOS1008NC US$ 52.95
Instructor Guide FOS1008T US$ 38.95
Student Guide FOS1008W US$ 30.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS1008TD US$ 17.95
Hydraulics - Chinese
Book © 2006 FOS100714NC US$ 55.44
Instructor Guide FOS100714T US$ 38.95
Student Guide FOS100714W US$ 30.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS100714TD US$ 17.95
Hydraulic Systems Diagnostics
This book enables the reader to apply an informed systems approach to trouble shooting rather than replacing components until the problem goes away.
Book ©2009 FOS6402NC US$ 22.95
Instructor Art CD FOS6402TD US$ 17.95
Identification of Parts Failures
A highly illustrated failure-analysis guide for automotive and off-road vehicle parts.
Book © 2014 FOS6107NC US$ 43.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD
FOS6107TD US$ 17.95
Power Trains
Servicing, testing, and maintenance guide for power trains in off-road vehicles, trucks, buses, and automobiles.
Textbook © 2012 FOS4008NC US$ 45.95
Instructor Guide FOS4008T US$ 33.95
Student Guide FOS4008W US$ 27.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS4008TD US$ 17.95
Power Trains - Chinese
Book © 2005 FOS400714NC US$ 32.57
Instructor Guide FOS400714T US$ 33.95
Student Guide FOS400714W US$ 27.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS400714TD US$ 17.95
Shop Tools
A basic guide showing the right tool for each type of job and its proper use.
Book © 2012 FOS5107NC US$ 24.95
Tires and Tracks
A basic guide to the inspection, repair, and maintenance of tires and tracks.
Book © 2012 FOS5509NC US$ 24.95
The fundamentals of welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, and surfacing of metals.
Textbook © 2016 Order No. – FOS5210NC US$ 36.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD FOS5209TD US$ 17.95

Compact Equipment

Fundamentals of Compact Equipment SeriesFundamentals of Compact Equipment Series

These books provide comprehensive instruction in servicing and maintaining equipment up to 40 PTO horsepower, including lawn mowers, garden machinery, and snow blowers.

Title/DescriptionProductOrder No.Price (USD)
Compact Equipment: Engines
A primer of test and repair procedures for compact-equipment engines.
Book © 2014 FCP80105NC US$ 43.95
Instructor Art Catalog CD
FCP80105TD US$ 17.95
Compact Equipment: Safety Management for Landscapers, Grounds-Care Businesses and Golf Courses
A primer of safety procedures for compact or outdoor power equipment.
Book © 2001 FCP84101NC US$ 19.95

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