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2330Mulch Finisher


  • Working widths from 21 ft, 9 in. to 56 ft, 3 in. (6.6 to 17.2 m)
  • Excellent residue handling capabilities
  • Lattice-style frame design
  • Hydraulically adjustable rolling baskets

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    The next level of performance in heavy residue. Right away, you can see the difference. The new 2330 Mulch Finisher delivers aggressive cutting action to size up to 80% residue in your fields. The result: a smooth, level seedbed profile ideal for enhanced seed placement and germination.

    Up to 127 more acres a day. Compared to our previous model, the new 2330 Mulch Finisher delivers the next level of productivity to size and flow heavy residue and stay ahead of your planter. Our mulch finisher comes in three-section and five-section configurations with the widest tool covering up to 682 acres in a 10-hour day.

    Nine mulch finisher configurations. Starting at 21 ft, 9 in. (6.6 m) and extending up to 56 ft, 3 in. (17.2 m), you have a wide range of working widths to help create the planter-ready seedbeds you want. And when you combine these choices with the fast 10-mph (16 km/h) working speeds, you’ll cover more ground per pass and more acres per day.

    More uptime with TruSet™. With fully integrated TruSet Tillage technology available only from John Deere, you can make on-the-go depth and down-pressure adjustments from inside the cab. From the touchscreen display, you can make depth adjustments with precision of 1/10th in. (2.5 mm) and vary down pressure on the active-hydraulic rolling baskets from 0-900 psi. And, the TruSet system gives you the ability to run tillage prescriptions and document data from your mulch finisher pass for additional coverage of your crop production cycle.

    Prepares a smooth, level seedbed. Our TruPosition™ standards deliver 200 lbs (91 kg) of trip force for consistent depth and even cut while the Perma-Loc™ sweeps help smooth and level the seedbed. The 2330 features true 9-in. (229-mm) spacing that provides ample space for residue to flow and minimizes plugging.

    ProFinish™ Leveling System features hydraulically adjustable rolling baskets. Choose from six rear harrows that are compatible with all configurations to further create an optimal environment for your seed. These include: 5-bar coil-tine harrow, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with round-bar rolling basket, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with flat-bar rolling basket, 6-bar spike-tooth harrow, 4-bar spike-tooth harrow with round-bar rolling basket, and 4-bar spike-tooth harrow with flat-bar rolling basket.





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