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/ / / 2230LL Level-lift™ Field Cultivator

2230LLLevel-lift™ Field Cultivator

Features & Specs

  • Working widths from 23 ft, 6 in. to 60 ft, 6 in. (7.2 to 18.4 m)
  • Three- and five-section configurations
  • Lattice-style frame design
  • Hydraulically adjustable rolling baskets
Operating Depth InchesTo 5 in.
Hitch TypeT-Hitch
Mainframe fore-aft tube3 in. x 8 in.
Frame Number of Ranks5

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    Machine in the field


    With the new 2230 Field Cultivators, you can take your productivity to a new level.

    Work wider. Choose from a wide range of working widths to help create the planter-ready seedbeds you want. To meet the needs of your operation, 2230LL working widths range from 23 ft, 6 in. to 60 ft, 6 in. (7.16 to 18.44 m). Our Level-lift™ field cultivator comes in three- and five-section configurations with the widest tool covering up to 733 acres in a 10-hour day.

    Work faster. By increasing our maximum work speed from 8 mph to 10 mph, you can drive 25% faster than before and cover more ground, acre after acre, day after day.

    Work smarter with TruSet™. Our next-generation field cultivators aren’t just wider and faster, they’re built to work smarter, too. Fully integrated TruSet™ Tillage technology helps you maximize your productivity in short tillage windows by making on-the-go depth and down-pressure adjustments from inside the cab – in only six seconds. And, the TruSet system gives you the ability to run tillage prescriptions and document data from your field cultivator pass for additional coverage of your crop production cycle.

    Consistent residue flow and 100% coverage. True 6-in. (152-mm) split-the-middle shank spacing helps maximize residue flow, soil mixing and weed control across the full width of the equipment. And, additional spacing options are available for greater customization.

    Easy transportability. We offer low-transport configurations for easier road travel and shed storage.

    A total of 29 new field cultivator configurations. Your fields and agronomic goals aren’t the same as your neighbor’s, of course, and that’s why our field cultivator lineup includes Level-lift and floating hitch options that are both available in three-section and five-section configurations. Paired with a wider range of working widths and new features, these field cultivators are designed to meet the unique needs of your operation.

    ProFinish™ Leveling System features hydraulically adjustable rolling baskets. Choose from six rear harrows that are compatible with all configurations to further create an optimal environment for your seed. These include: 4-bar coil-tine harrow, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with round-bar rolling basket, 3-bar coil-tine harrow with flat-bar rolling basket, 6-bar spike-tooth harrow, 3-bar spike-tooth harrow with round-bar rolling basket, and 3-bar spike-tooth harrow with flat-bar rolling basket.





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