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H290Harvesting Head

Features & Specs

  • 2-Wheel-drive with 2 rubber feed rollers
  • Recommended hydraulic pump capacity 320-380 l/min
  • The biggest head for the biggest harvester 1470E
  • SuperCut saw for efficient cutting
Feeding2 feed rollers, opening 760 mm
Cutting diameter750 mm
Weight w/o rotator and link1870 kg
Delimbing4 moving and 1 fixed knife

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    H290 Harvesting Head

    The John Deere H290 is an extremely powerful harvester head for large wheel and track harvesters. The H290 is made to face the hard-wearing conditions of regeneration harvesting.


    Dual-speed feed motors permit full controllability, high torque, and speed for processing heavy logs. The feed motors feature two fixed power displacements (non-variable) – 1st and 2nd gear. Automatic control is based on monitoring the feed speed.


    The SuperCut 100 saw unit can fell and process trees up to 750 mm in diameter. An optionally available top saw enables easy toping and the utilization of the treetop, thus increasing logged timber value.


    Four moving delimbing knives and one fixed, adjustable top knife follow the contours of the stem and ensure excellent delimbing quality.