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/ PowerSight™ Technology Solutions

PowerSight™ Technology Solutions

John Deere PowerSight is a total technology solution that lets you monitor, protect, and maintain all of the John Deere-powered equipment.  This solution integrates seamlessly with John Deere WorkSight™ and John Deere FarmSight™ technology solutions.* Now customers with John Deere construction machines and agriculture equipment as well as other brands can remotely monitor all of their electronically controlled John Deere engines using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer in the same place they monitor their John Deere machines.


John Deere brings together advanced tracking, diagnostic, and prognostic technologies to help you stay on top of preventive maintenance and identify potential problems before they cause downtime.


*Product offerings vary by country.

Click to read more on our remote software.

Perform remote software upgrades eliminating the need for an on-site technician visit

    Click to read more on our remote software.Click to read more on our remote software.
    Read more about how our technicians can assist you.

    Send technician with the right part in hand saving the customer time and money

      Read more about how our technicians can assist you.Read more about how our technicians can assist you.


      Maximize uptime, utilization, and revenue

      – Monitor machine health and fuel consumption
      – Simplify maintenance scheduling and documentation
      – Increase uptime through alerts
      – Track rental fleet machines and their hours of use
      – Document machine and operator productivity
      – Recover stolen machines through GPS tracking
      – Download data through application programming interface (API) for further analysis


      JDLink™ connects you and your John Deere dealer to your equipment


      JDLink graphic

      JDLink™ provides advanced telematics using cellular or satellite communications. It collects critical engine data, such as temperature, pressure, load, hours, idle time, and fuel levels, then instantly sends alerts to you via email, text message, or JDLink on the web. You are always in control of your data with John Deere PowerSight.


      Remote diagnostics and programming


      Diagnostic graphic 

      What if your dealer could warn you of problems with your machine and initiate solutions without visiting the jobsite and charging you for a technician's travel time? That's what you get with John Deere PowerSight.


      Remote diagnostics and programming lets John Deere technicians isolate, identify, and diagnose problems before they head out on a field service call. We can arrive on the scene with the needed part in hand and get your equipment back up and running fast. In some cases, your technician can even program software remotely while the machine is on the jobsite, reducing the cost and downtime of a field service call.


      Machine health prognostics is like a wellness program for your John Deere-powered equipment


       Prognosis graphic

      Machine health prognostics turns JDLink™, and fluid analysis data into smart machine health solutions. It also allows your John Deere authorized service representative to take proactive steps to maintain overall engine health and maximize machine uptime.

      John Deere PowerAssist™


      John Deere logo

      This mobile app provides you with the John Deere engine information you need, when you need it. Need an emissions certificate for your John Deere engine? Need to know when your engine was built? Wondering which parts catalog you need to use for your engine? Simply scan the barcode on your John Deere engine or vehicle serial number plate using our iPhone® or Android® app to find out.

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