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/ Marine Diesel Engines

Marine Diesel Engines

Leave your worries behind with the power and reliability of John Deere engines

With expanded power from 60 to 559 kW (80 to 750 hp), John Deere PowerTech™ engines can take you wherever you want to go. Cruise with the confidence and satisfaction only John Deere propulsion, auxiliary, and generator drive engines can deliver. With high torque and low rated RPM, you also get excellent vessel control and reliable auxiliary drives.

Recreational and commercial boat owners have been relying on John Deere engines for more than 30 years. John Deere marine engines are powerful, reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient. And they are backed by our vast service and support network that can keep you operating — no matter where you go.

Discover Marine Engines from John Deere

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Marine Tier 3 Engines: The powerful and reliable choice

Close up image of a marine engine from John Deere

Clean Engines — Clean Air

With John Deere PowerTech engines, everything runs clean and efficiently — above and below deck. John Deere marine engines offer closed crankcase vents that eliminate undesirable gases in the engine room and keep the bilge clean. John Deere also protects the air outside your boat by complying with international, European, and United States emissions standards for regulated vessels. John Deere meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Marine Tier 3 emissions regulations with a complete line of PowerTech engines for newly constructed vessels as well as repowered boats.

  • EPA Tier 3 regulations for vessels flagged in the United States
  • European Union Nonroad mobile machinery (NRMM – 97/68/EC as amended), whose standards are also recognized by the CCNR for sailing on the Rhine
  • European Union Recreational Craft Directive (RCD – 94/25/EC as amended)
  • Emissions certified engines over 130 kW (174 hp) meet regulations set out in Annex VI of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MARPOL convention. Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP) certificates issued by the U.S. EPA or American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) are available for select engine models.

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Repowering Your Vessel

John Deere Power Systems offers several options and items to consider before repowering your vessel with a marine diesel engine.

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    Register your OEM engine online and save money

    Register Online and Save!

    Register your new OEM engine online and receive $50 off genuine John Deere oil and filters.† See your John Deere service location or click below for complete details.

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      Hull Types

      Image of boat on the water with buildings in background

      Boats perform in the water based on the physical shape of the hull, and how it sits in the water.

      Discover the hull types available from John Deere
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        Customer Profiles

        Boat owners and captains around the world rely on John Deere engines — several of our customers share insight into what aspects of our engines they value. Their vessels span a variety of types, from small yachts to deep blue workboats.

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