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LT Series

Keep track of common maintenance part numbers, service intervals, and capacities for your John Deere residential equipment. Maintenance Reminder Guides are available for many John Deere models.

Please select a mower series:

Don't see what you're looking for in this list? For additional information about parts, please see our Commercial Parts Quick-Reference Guides for John Deere equipment.

Select a Mower Series:
100 Series L100 Series G100 Series LA100 Series D100 Series™
EZtrak™ 300 Series GT Series Select
LX Series
SST™ Series 400 Series GX Series LT Series Rear-Engine
Walk Behinds      

Please select your model and deck to download the maintenance reminder sheet PDF.

LT Series:
LT133 38" Deck 42M Deck      
LT150 38" Deck 42C Deck 42M Deck    
LT155 38" Deck 42M Deck      
LTR155 42" Deck        
LT160 38" Deck 42C Deck 42M Deck    
LT166 38" Deck 42M Deck 46" Deck 48" Deck 48C Deck
LTR166 42" Deck        
LT170 38" Deck 42C Deck 42M Deck 48C Deck  
LT180 38" Deck 42C Deck 42M Deck 48C Deck  
LTR180 42" Deck        
LT190 48C Deck