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John Deere offers spray nozzles for a variety of pressure ranges, flow rates and spray patterns to fit any spray application. Spray nozzles are available in materials including: organic, polyacetal, PVDF, stainless steel and brass.

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Broadcast Spray Nozzles


3D Spray Nozzel 

Featuring an integrated fan incline and angle, 3D Spray Nozzles tighten spray patterns to substantially decrease small droplets – up to 50-75% less drift potential than conventional flat fan nozzles. Coverage of difficult vertical targets, like soil clods and small grass weeds, also improves significantly.


3D Spray Nozzles also offer alternating forward-backward motion; SnapLock Quick Change cap; and up to

10% increase in weed control compared to a conventional flat fan*.


* Based on Syngenta® pre-emergence field trials in United Kingdom. (Syngenta UK trials - Defy 4l/ha + Liberator 0.4l/ha applied pre-emergence on 6th Nov 2014. Conventional spraying.)

Ultra Low-drift

Ultra Low-drift nozzle photo 

The Ultra Low-drift (ULD) is the ideal spray nozzle for pre-and post-emergence product applications, where drift reduction is paramount. A unique thick spray pattern, measuring nearly 60° front to back, coupled with the 120° wide spray angle, enables the boom height to be lowered to further decrease drift potential.

Ultra Low-drift Ceramic

Ultra Low-drift Ceramic nozzle photo

The Ultra Low-drift Ceramic (ULAC) draws air into the tip and mixes it with the spray to create very coarse droplets that minimize spray drift. The air-filled droplets have a larger footprint on the leaf than similar non-air droplets and hold to the leaf for better control. Durable ceramic orifice create the longest wearing spray tip of its kind.


Guardian nozzle photo

Guardian (LDX) spray nozzles are ideal for insecticide, fungicide, and general purpose applications. The LDX has been re-engineered for today’s high-speed application equipment. With an operating range of 15-115 PSI, the LDX offers premium application versatility. A unique 20° rearward spray pattern improves on-target coverage

GuardanAIR Twin™

GuardianAIR Twin™ nozzle photo

GuardianAIR Twin (GAT) spray nozzles are the best choice for high coverage applications, where plant health management is critical. The GAT is ideal for crops with complex canopies, such as vegetables, small/cereal grains and soybeans where thorough coverage of the target and protection of surroundings is important.

Low-drift Air

Low-drift Air nozzle photo

The Low-drift Air (LDA) spray nozzle is engineered to meet the demands of self-propelled sprayers for insecticide and fungicide applications. The LDA is the only technologically advanced tip capable of maintaining a constant relationship between droplet size and pressure regardless of tip size. Class leading air-induced droplets per gallon provides superior drift control and spray efficacy.


Low-drift nozzle photo

The Low-drift (LD) is the original drift-reducing tip. The special two-part construction includes a pre-orifice, which reduces the number of drift prone droplets Significantly reduces spray drift, widening the operational window with balanced droplet size for effective, on-target spray.

Low-drift Ceramic

Low-drift Ceramic nozzle photo

The Low-drift Ceramic (LDC) spray tip provides a versatile balance of drift reduction and target coverage. The proven pre-orifice design creates droplets that are well suited for a wide range of spray applications. The ceramic orifice resists wear better than other materials and will provide acre after acre of service.

Extended Range

Extended Range nozzle photo

Extended Range (ER) nozzles maintain a consistent spray angle over a wide pressure range down to 15 PSI (droplet size adjustable according to pressure) and are available in 80 degree and 110 degree versions to work with different boom heights.

Extended Range Ceramic

Extended Range Ceramic nozzle photo

The Extended Range Ceramic (ERC) wide pressure range ceramic spray nozzles are suited for creating numerous fine to medium droplets (depending on pressure). The ceramic orifice of the ERC will provide long service life even when spraying abrasive chemicals.

Extended Range SS

Extended Range Stainless Steel product photo

The Extended Range Stainless Steel (ERI) nozzle series consists of a metal insert that is held in a plastic carrier. These nozzles are able to maintain a constant spray angle over a wide pressure range down to 15 PSI. Droplet size changes according to pressure.

Flat Fan

Flat Fan nozle photo

The Flat Fan (FF) is a general spray tip that produces a mixed droplet spectrum over the 30-60 PSI operational pressure range. It is good for broadcast applications.

Fertilizer Spray Nozzles

High Flow

High Flow nozzle photo

The High Flow (HF) nozzle is a premium choice for pre-plant liquid fertilizers, including the use of fertilizer blends with pre-emergent herbicides for “burndown.” The wide 140° pattern allows a low boom height, minimizing corrosive effects on application equipment. A tapered, wide-angle, fan style promotes uniform nutrient application.


Flood nozzle product photo

The Flood (FL) wide-angle fan tip creates a wide pattern at very low pressures while creating mainly medium and coarse droplets. It is well suited for mounting on machinery where a wide angle or a low spray height is desired and on sprayers using very low pressures, including manual sprayers.

Straight Stream Ceramic

Straight Stream ceramic nozzle product photo

The Straight Stream Ceramic (STC) provides an optimized solution for applying liquid fertilizer into solid seeded crops, such as timed nutrient applications. By providing a six stream pattern, foliar contact is minimized and uniform coverage is ensured. The STC’s ceramic metering orifice and low pressure distribution chamber keeps the streams stable, reducing atomization and preventing leaf burn, making it ideal for top-dress use.

Straight Stream

Straight stream nozzle photo

The 0-degree Straight Stream (ST) regulates flow, then produces a straight stream pattern. Precision-molded in polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for excellent resistance to acids and many agricultural chemicals.

Banding and Directed Spray Nozzles

Even Spray

Even Spray nozzle photo

The Even Spray (ES) tip is an excellent choice for banding and directed post applications. Its even spray pattern should be used when treating bands. Commonly used in hand-held applications, provides precise rate where no overlap is desired.

Hollow Cone Ceramic

Hollow Cone Ceramic nozzle photo

The Hollow Cone Ceramic (HCC) spray tips produce finely atomized droplets in a hollow-cone, 80-degree pattern. Wide operating pressure range suitable for many applications. Commonly used in airblast and other high-pressure spraying applications.

Off Center

Off-Center nozzle photo

The Off-Center (OC) flat fan off-center brass spray tip is an economical tip for spraying around obstacles or defining the edge of a spray swath. Generally positioned at the end of the boom.

Specialty Nozzles

Boomless XT

XT nozzle product photo

The XT nozzle introduces boomless spray technology, enabling spray to be targeted into places that conventional booms and other tips cannot reach due to obstacles. Common uses include orchard, vineyard, forestry, pasture, turf and golf course spraying. XT delivers a uniform spray pattern over a distance of up to 16 feet. Ideal for weed control in forests and pastureland.

Twin Cap

TwinCap™ nozzle product photo

The TwinCap™ is a simple, compact way of accommodating two spray tips* back to back. This design allows you to apply the volume per acre you want, at the speed you want, without compromising spray quality.  30° angles improve canopy penetration while combined forward and backward angles enhance coverage on stems and leaves.

*Spray tips sold separately