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Engine Parts and Attachments

Cab Parts

Rear air screen cover

Rear air screen cover
  • Prevent plugging of the rear air screen when cutting dry, fluffy material
  • Screen cover pulls clean air from above the windrower where there’s less debris
  • Rain cover and exhaust pipe extension eliminate exhaust recirculation
  • Hinged access cover allows easy inspection and servicing of the rotary air screen when necessary

Part Number: BE31134 (4895, 4990 and 4995 Self-Propelled Windrowers)

Part Number: BE32316 (400 Series)

Engine Fan Baffle

engine fan baffle
  • Reduces windrow disturbance caused by engine cooling fan blast
  • Recommended for reducing dust or crop disturbance for extended intervals between cleaning the rear screen and air filters

Part Number: BE32371 (W110 and W150)