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Cab and Control Parts and Attachments

Cab Parts

Instructional Seat

Instructional Seat
  • Comfortable soft-moulded passenger seat, complete with backrest
  • Located to the left of the operator with excellent access and plenty of head and shoulder clearance along with large leg-room area
  • When not required, seat can be simply folded away
  • Compatible with W110 ONLY. In base equipment for W150.

Part Number: BE32375 (Instructional Seat)

Windshield Shades

Windshield Shades
  • Eliminate glare from sun off front windshield during early morning and late afternoon
  • Reduce heat in the cab while operating
  • Easy to install and easy to roll up
  • Compatible Models: W110 and W150

Part Number: BE32365 (Windshield Shade)

Power Mirrors

Power Mirrors
  • Two side-mounted rear view mirrors can be adjusted electrically from the operating station
  • Heated for greater visibility in cold conditions

Part Number: BE32217

Compatible Models:  400 Series

Xenon Halogen Lights

Xenon Halogen Lights
  • Extra bright, high-intensity headlamps incorporate a special lens pattern that directs light right where you need it most
  • Cool-burning headlamps use replaceable bulbs for easy service
  • Compatible Models: 4895, 4995, A400, D450 and R450

Part Number: BH84202 (Lighting Package for serial numbers 320000 and below)

Part Number: BH84557 (Lighting Package for serial numbers 320001 and above)

Lighting kit

Lighting kit
  • Four additional work lights mount to rear of cab
  • Illuminate area to the sides and rear of the platform for increased visibility

Part Number: BE32218 (Models: A400, D450 and R450)

Part Number: BE23867 (Models: 4895 and 4995)