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Feedroll Parts and Attachments

Harvester in corn field

Upper Feedroll with Replacement Bars

Upper Feedroll with Replacement Bars
  • Unlike other forage harvester manufacturers, John Deere offers replaceable wear bars for the upper feedroll
  • You have the option of replacing only damaged bars, not the entire roll
  • Double the wear life by reversing the wear bars, which can save thousands throughout the life of the machine
  • Designed for the high-wear conditions of high-yield corn and sandy soils
  • Choose serrated or smooth bars to match your crop conditions
  • Rolls are demagnetized so they won’t false trip the metal detector

Anti-Accumulation Kit

Reduce long-stem crop accumulation between the feedroll frame and the IVLOC transmission that’s packed tight and takes time to clean.


Part Number: BXE10043 (Anti-Accumulation Kit)