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Hay Moisture Testers

Cab Parts

Advanced Baler-Mounted Hay Moisture Tester (BHT-2)

Advanced Baler-Mounted Hay Moisture Tester (BHT-2)
  • Perfect for small square or round bales
  • Multi-sensor technology takes readings on the left side, right side and throughout the bale for greater accuracy average
  • Readings updated and displayed every 3 seconds
  • Includes a large, illuminated LCD display and keypad for easy viewing
  • You can set the high and low limit of the moisture reading
  • Firmware/calibration curves upgradable via standard USB port
  • Operating range of 8 to 30+% moisture, depending on baler type used

Product Includes:

  • Display module with mounting bracket attached by 2 knobs
  • 10-ft. fused power cable
  • Two 35-ft. shielded sensor cables
  • Twelve sensor cable ties
  • 2 sensor pads
  • Sensor pad mounting hardware
  • One USB cable

Part Number: SW007360 (Advanced Baler-Mounted Hay Moisture Tester)

Part Number: SW006063 (Sensor pad)

Part Number: SW006064 (35-ft. Sensor Cable)

Part Number: SW006066 (10-ft. Power Cable)

Part Number: SW006067 (5-ft. USB Cable)

Part Number: SW007161 (Sensor Pad Kit)

Baler-mounted hay tester

Baler-mounted hay tester
  • Direct readout of moisture percentage while baling hay
  • Includes one sensor for mounting on front of baler
  • Average of readings updated and displayed every 3 to 5 seconds
  • Monitor mounts in cab
  • Backlit display for night use
  • Built-in self-calibration button
  • Operating range of 8 to 44 percent moisture for hay and grass
  • Above- and below-moisture limit indicator
  • Sturdy display module mounting bracket with adjusting knobs
  • Complete kit with 25-ft. sensor cable and water-resistant connectors
  • Sensor kit with long-lasting sensor pad and stainless steel hardware
  • Fits square or round balers

Part Number: SW07350 (Baler-mounted hay tester)

Part Number: SW07158 (10-ft. sensor cable extension - for SW07350, used to lengthen the original monitor harness)

Part Number: SW07159 (Extra sensor kit with sensor cable and power cable - for SW07350, kit is for use on second baler and does not include a monitor)

Part Number: SW06802 (Bale wrap patch tape - for use on wrapped silage bales, once bale is probed, tape seals up the wrap)

Part Number: SW07157 (Sensor pad kit - for SW07350, repair part for worn sensor pad)

Handheld, low-moisture-range hay testers

Handheld, low-moisture-range hay testers
  • 10-in. (25.4 cm) probe available for small square bales
  • 20-inch (50.8 cm) probe available for round or square bales
  • Clip-on factory calibrator for easy re-calibration in the field
  • Expanded low moisture range down to 8 percent
  • Backlit display for night use
  • Above- and below- moisture limit indication
  • Accurate through the normal test range of stored hay
  • Operating range of 8 to 44 percent moisture and 32 to 225 degrees F (0 to 107 degrees C)
  • Digital readout

Part Number: SW007321 (Low-moisture hay tester - 10-in. probe)

Part Number: SW007320 (Low-moisture hay tester - 20-in. probe)

Portable Windrow Hay Moisture Tester

Hay moisture testers 18-in. or 32-in. probes
  • Quickly measure hay in the windrow, before baling, to make sure hay is at the correct moisture
  • Test easily by adding loose hay to a five-gallon bucket (not included) and pressing tester into the hay
  • Get results in just 30 seconds to a minute
  • Operating range is 13 to 70 percent moisture
  • Provides accurate readings of +/– 2 to 4 percent
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

Part Number: SW07140 (Hay Moisture Tester, Windrow)

Hay moisture testers 18-in. or 32-in. probes

Hay moisture testers 18-in. or 32-in. probes
  • Tests both moisture and temperature
  • Direct digital readout for percent of moisture and temperature
  • 18- or 32-in. (45.7 or 50.8 cm) probes available
  • Easy to use with a sturdy pistol grip
  • Operating range of 14 to 44 percent moisture at 33 to 250 degrees F (0 to 121 degrees C)
  • Two-year warranty

Part Number: SW16136 (Hay moisture tester - 18-in. probe)

Part Number: SW16326 (Hay moisture tester - 32-in. probe)

Replacement Part Number: SW16220 (Probe - 18-in.)

Replacement Part Number: SW16221 (Probe - 32-in.)

Rubber Drawbar Shield

A proven time-saving way to help prevent windrow bunching that can occur when your drawbar contacts heavy windrows.


Part Number: BE32262 (Drawbar shield)