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Row Unit Parts and Attachments

Belt Parts

Spindles, Doffers and Moistener Pads

The John Deere family of spindles is the most efficient, high-quality, precision-manufactured spindles available today.

Pro-XL™ Spindles

Pro-XL™ Spindles

Specially designed for use in John Deere's PRO-SERIES™ Cotton Pickers, but compatible with any picker that uses the mini spindle, Pro-XL spindles offer the same features of conventional spindles, plus they:


  • Provide superior performance and last up to 50 percent longer than conventional spindles, reducing maintenance costs
  • Are designed to operate in harsh picking conditions
  • Ensure lower operating temperatures and longer gear life due to chrome-nickel plating
  • Encourage clean, aggressive picking and easy doffing

Part Number: N277078 (Right-hand spindle)


Spindle Assembly

John Deere spindle assemblies are factory assembled using John Deere components.

  • They offer precision performance, reliability and longer life
  • PRO-XL spindle assemblies retrofit all models starting with the 9900 Cotton Pickers
  • Assemblies are conveniently packaged in boxes of 20
  • Spare assemblies can be stored directly on machines for rapid field installation, reducing machine downtime

Part Number: AN274216 (Right-hand PRO-XL assembly, package of 20)




  • Available in two styles:
    • Black rubber doffers provide excellent doffing in typical conditions
    • Urethane doffers wear longer, provide cleaner picking and reduce doffer column adjustment
  • Precision-blanked disks are balanced and centric
    • Provides excellent balance for a smooth, clean operation at high speed
  • Oil and softening resistant
  • Tear-resistant. Can stand up to sticks, stones and other debris
  • Precision engineered to reduce the need for grinding or shimming

Part Number: AN115118 (Black, rubber doffer, package of 20)

Part Number: AN272152 (Urethane doffer, package of 20)


Moistener Pad

Moistener Pads

  • Features a John Deere patented “X” pattern design for moisture flow
  • Contains 18 holes compared to the competition's ten
  • Ensures proper solution distribution on spindles
  • Allows pad to be rotated 90 degrees
  • Ensures maximum efficiency in all conditions
  • Available in two styles:
    • Urethane offers flexibility and greater life
    • Thermoplastic (black) offers flexibility and excellent wear life
  • Optimum lip design provides easy installation and has excellent retention once installed

Part Number: N275607 (Urethane moistener pad)

Part Number: N195354 (Black rubber moistener pad)

Lubricator Transfer Pump

The pump provides a timesaving solution for lube-tank refilling. Utilizing the lube tank Quik-Fill™ nozzles, the pump takes lubrication oil from any standard storage tank and pumps it into the lube tank located on the operator’s platform.

Part Number: BN272262 (Lubricator transfer pump)

Scrapping plates

Scrapping Plate

The John Deere family of spindles is the most efficient, high-quality, precision-manufactured spindles available today.

Scrapping plates, in combination with accurately calibrated pressure doors, help ensure a more efficient harvest.

  • Scrapping plates are designed with ridges to allow the tip of the spindle to pass through the low points of the ridges
  • The high points of the ridges push cotton farther onto the spindle
  • The further cotton is pushed onto the spindle, the more likely the cotton will be fully harvested and transferred into the basket or accumulator

Part Number: BN272408 (Scrapping plates for 1-row PRO-16TM unit)

Part Number: BN272418 (Scrapping plates for 1-row PRO-12TM or VariRow System (VRSTM) unit)

Vine Cutters

Vine Cutter

Vine cutters enhance the ability to pick through vines and weedy areas without plugging row-units.

Part Number: BN272178 (Vine cutters for 2-row units)

Stalklifter Rods

Stalklifter rods provide additional lifting action to better harvest low-hanging cotton bolls.

Part Number: BN272534 (Stalklifter rods for 1-row units, not for VRS)