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Cab Parts and Attachments

Cotton Picker In Field

Camera Observation System


The cotton picker/stripper observation systems consist of:

  • Two cameras and monitor (System can be expanded to include a third camera.)
  • All electrical harnessing
  • Camera brackets
  • Specific instructions for mounting the cameras for a complete custom fit

The cameras can be mounted to provide the operator with a bird’s eye view of machine functions. Place a camera:

  • In the 7760’s module builder (to watch the wrap cycle of the module builder)
  • On the back of the machine (to watch the module-eject process and assist with the placement of the module on the turn row)

Monitor features:

  • Liquid crystal display LCD) color panel with 178-mm (7-in.) viewing area
  • Anti-glare screen with detachable sun shield
  • Single/split/quad display modes
  • Manual/auto day/night display brightness modes
  • On-screen display picture controls

Part Number: BN400531 (Camera observation system)
Note: Starting with model year 2012, the 7760/7660 Cotton Pickers come camera-ready, making installation quick and easy

Part Number: BN272651 (Camera observation system)
1) Compatible with 7660 and 7760 for machines up to model year 2011.
2) This camera bundle also fits the 7460 Cotton Stripper

Light Bar

Light Bar
  • Compatible with the 7660 or 7760 lighting system
  • Adds four more forward-facing lights and two rearview mirrors to existing system
  • Wide-set mirrors offer a full view of the rear of the machine

Part Number: BN272623 (Light Bar)

Harvest Identification: Cotton

Harvest Identification, Cotton

This system allows producers to automatically document module production from the cab of the 7760 Self-Propelled Cotton Picker:

  • Improves traceability of modules as they move from the field to the gin lot and through the ginning process
  • Uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader on the 7760 Self-Propelled Cotton picker to read the module serial number off the RFID tags embedded in the module wrap
  • GreenStar™ 3 2630 display stores information, which can then be sent to the gin via email or upload
  • Collected data includes the client, farm, field, variety, machine identifier, date, time and much more
  • Simplifies recordkeeping
  • Eliminates manual tagging, tracking and reconciling cotton modules at the gin forever

Harvest Doc™ Cotton

Harvest Doc™ Cotton

Harvest Doc Cotton is a yield mapping system from John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS). The user can generate detailed, accurate yield maps using the GreenStar™ system in order to make better, more informed management decisions:

  • Data collected includes total acres harvested, average yield, harvest hours, load weight and much more
  • Harvest Doc Cotton-ready machines are equipped with mass-flow sensors that transmit beams of microwave energy, illuminating the stream of flowing cotton
  • Compatible with John Deere 7760, 7660, 9996, 9986 Cotton Pickers
  • For full functionality, the following components are required:
    • Starfire™ 3000 or StarFire ITC or third party global positioning (GPS) receiver
    • GS3 2630 or GS2 2660 display pre-equipped with the GreenStar basics software package
    • Apex™ Farm management software
    • Data or USB card

Part Number: BN2772691 (Harvest Doc Cotton Field Conversion)