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Feederhouse Parts & Attachments

Combine harvesting wheat

Increase your feeding capacity and efficiency.

Order From John Deere Parts

Tine/Paddle Beater

Tine/Paddle Beater
  • Heavy-duty to increase crop agitation
  • Paddles strip while tines separate, creating efficient and aggressive separating of crop
  • Enclosed cylinder design eliminates trash buildup and plugging
  • Bolt-on paddles are easy to reverse and replace
  • Recommended for use with high-inertia cylinder

High-Inertia, Enclosed Cylinders

When harvest conditions demand more aggressive processing, rely on high-inertia, enclosed cylinders.

  • Fully enclosed to prevent plugging and vibration
  • Ideal for tough, damp straw conditions
  • Can improve material flow and save on power and fuel
  • Available with black or boronized rasp bars for longer life

High-torque, Variable-Speed Feederhouse Drive

High-Torque, Variable-Speed Feederhouse Drive
  • Operator can vary the speed of the head and gathering system on the go to match the forward ground speed of the combine
  • Posi-Torq™ drive automatically tensions the drive belt to match the load applied for longer belt life, less maintenance and better torque transfer
  • Larger, more robust drive belts with higher-tensile strength
  • Larger, heavy-duty reverser gearbox with increased oil capacity
  • Larger reverser gears with larger bearings and larger input and output shafts
  • Utilizes an internal oil pump and high-capacity external oil cooler
  • Larger, heavy-duty Posi-Torq cams
  • Larger and heavier high-tension compression spring

Part Number: BH84447

Feederhouse Drum Stop Height Adjustment Kit

Feederhouse Drum Stop Height Adjustment Kit
  • Simply change the feederhouse drum by removing the retaining pin and position lever on the left- and right-hand side to the desired position for small grain or corn.
  • Standard on all 60 Series Combines and retrofits to all 20 Series, 9000, 10 Series, and 50 Series Combines (except Sidehill Combines)
  • Lever up – positions the drum up for corn
  • Lever down – positions the drum down for soybeans or small grain
  • No tools are needed

Part Number: AH210753