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Cleaning Shoe Parts & Attachments

Combine harvesting

Get better grain quality and prevent crop loss.

Order From John Deere Parts

STS Sidehill Performance Kit

STS Sidehill Performance

Improves combine performance on slopes up to 8 degrees (14 percent) by substantially reducing cleaning shoe grain loss to acceptable levels.


This kit contains:

  • Tall chaffer dividers
  • Exclusive grain agitators
  • Grain pan diverters

Part Number: BH84524 (Models: 9670 STS, 9770 STS and 9870 STS Combines)

Part Number: BH84391 (Models: 9660 STS, 9760 STS, 9860 STS, 9880 STS and all 50 Series Combines)

Part Number: BH84525 (Models: 9560 STS and 9570 STS Combines)

Part Number: BXE10019 (Models: S550, 9560 STS and 9570 STS Combines)

Part Number: BXE10076 (Models: S660/S670 Combines)

Part Number: BXE10077 (Models: S680/S690 Combines)

Walker Sidehill Performance Kit

Walker Sidehill Performance Kit
  • Prevents grain loss from the cleaning shoe on a slope
  • Includes a tall center chaffer divider and grain agitators to prevent grain from shifting to one side of the shoe

Part Number: AH221775 (Models: 9000, 9010, 9050, and 9060 Walker Combines)

Air Chute Kit and Agitator

Air Chute Kit and Agitator
  • Improves airflow through the cleaning shoe, especially when operating at a low speed
  • Enhances grain quality
  • Reduces feederhouse dust
  • Keeps rotary screen clean
  • Eliminates material buildup with the small rubber flaps that bolt onto the chaffer frame
  • Helps perform at maximum capacity and improves grain tank sample

Part Number: AH208382 – Air Chute Kit (Models: 9650 (685501-700500) and 9750 (685601-700600) STS Combines)

Part Number: AH218797 – Air Chute Agitator Kit (Models: 9050 and 9060 Series (-715000) STS Combines with air chutes)

Dial Adjustment Kits

Dial Adjustment Kits
  • Allows you to accurately adjust the sieve, chaffer, chaffer extension and pre-cleaner on 9000 Series Combines
  • You just remove the shoe element from the frame and replace existing parts
  • Each notch in the embossed dial scale equates to 1 mm of adjustment
  • Sundial gauge provides positive locking of setting
  • Number scale is embossed in the sundial for easy reference

Part Number: AH202600 – Chaffer and Sieve Conversion Kit (Models: 9000, 9400, 9500 and 9600 (Requires chaffer and sieve adjustment kit AH202601) Series Combines)

Part Number: AH202602 – Extension Conversion Kit (Models: 9000, 9400, 9500 and 9600 (Two required for 9600 Series) Series Combines)

Part Number: AH202599 – Precleaner Conversion Kit (Models: 9000, 9400, 9500 and 9600 (Requires precleaner adjustment kit AH202756) Series Combines)

Part Number: AH202601 – Chaffer and Sieve Adjustment Kit (Models: 9000, 9400, 9500 and 9600 Series Combines)

Part Number: AH202756 – Precleaner Adjustment Kit (Models: 9000, 9400, 9500 and 9600 Series Combines)

Finger Pan Cover

Finger Pan Covers
  • Divert grain and other material further back on the sieve, preventing it from entering the clean grain auger
  • Prevent material from falling onto the front of the sieve, which may result in a cleaner grain tank sample
  • Order four finger pan covers for complete coverage of the finger pan area of the front chaffer

Part Number: H206810 (Models: 9650 and 9750 (-700000) STS Combines)

Louver Restrictors and Lower Finger Bar Covers

  • Cover the fingers and louvers on the front of the chaffer to block grain from rolling forward under the fingers into the fan housing
  • Reduce the amount of grain in the fan housing when going downhill

Part Number: AH221340 (Models: 9660, 9760 and 9860 STS Combines)

Part Number: AH221341 (Models: 9560 STS Combines)