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Agricultural & Construction Batteries

672GP Motor Grader in front of cloudy sky

Heavy-Duty batteries for your heavy-duty equipment

Our batteries are built tough to demanding John Deere specs. No other brand compares with the high-quality construction and internal and external components.


Order Batteries From John Deere Parts


StrongBox battery
  • Through-the-wall, welded intercell connectors are 25-percent larger than in other batteries, withstand vibration, and provide quick starts
  • Super radial grid design with inboard lug permits electrical current to flow more efficiently, and provides higher cranking amps
  • Extra-heavy plates give extra reserve power
  • Microporous plastic envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts and keep positive material from touching the negative plate
  • Epoxy-anchored plates make StrongBox batteries four times stronger than hot-melt anchored plates and reduce vibration

StrongBox™ AGM

StrongBox AGM battery
  • Extra heavy-duty straps create superior conductivity, strength, and durability
  • Six-valve isolated design allows gas to escape in the event of an overcharge
  • Flat plate absorbed glass mat means no free flowing electrolyte to leak from the battery
  • Through-the-partition weld design ensures ultimate conductivity and resistance to vibration


Performance batteries
  • Heavy-duty poly containers
  • Hot-melt installation protects against vibration damage
  • Through-the-wall, welded intercell connectors provide quick starts and increase power in extreme conditions
  • Envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts and prevent corrosion
  • Heavy-duty grids provide enhanced durability
Follow the link to watch the video on the Strongbox battery

What makes a John Deere Strongbox™ better?

John Deere StrongBox batteries are ready for your toughest jobs.

Learn more about the features of a StrongBox.
Follow the link to watch the video on the Strongbox AGM battery

How is a John Deere Strongbox AGM different?

StrongBox AGM batteries (Absorbent Glass-Mat) help protect against spill or expansion from freezing by retaining acid in this thick and absorptive mat.

Learn more about the batteries.