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Gator™ VS Your Next Mission

An army of gas and diesel choices.

  • The same popular XUV Gator consumer vehicles are available in military-spec and autonomous versions. You can choose from a wide variety of rugged, well-built vehicles made to stand up when it's wheels up.


Made for in-theater, on-base or autonomous missions.

  • Whether you require an all-terrain, fast vehicle for transport, a base/airfield work horse for personnel transport, or proven autonomous vehicle, there's a John Deere Military Gator ideal for your application.


More mission-ready.

  • John Deere Military Gators offer the performance you need, and are better built and better supported than anything else out there.
  • A3, R and XUV Gators are equipped with on-demand true 4WD. In this mode, a sophisticated electronic interlock engages to prevent all power from being transferred to a wheel that has lost all traction.
  • For balanced cornering, they also feature a body-roll reducing double-wishbone suspension and solid core steel sway bar with efficient double-ball drop link.
  • A wide-stance, low center of gravity and long wheelbase make them excellent for climbing as well. Our XUV Series, in fact, has one of the highest calculated Static Stability Factors in the industry.


Optimized for heavy cargo.

  • Heavy-duty frames provide superior durability and exceptional tolerance for twisting under heavy load. In addition, the higher ground-clearance A3, R and XUV Series vehicles are designed to prevent a “see-saw” effect that can lift the front end and make it hard to steer.



  • M-, R-Gator cargo box sides drop down, and XUV Series sides can be removed in case a flat-bed is necessary. Also, a full array of options is available to extend functionality, like winches, cabs, and light kits.


Rigorously tested, relied on since 1997.

  • John Deere field tests its vehicles in some of the same locations as the military. And additionally, individual components undergo extensive laboratory and computer testing and simulation.
  • Thousands of M-Gator A1s have been successfully deployed in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • And they've all been successfully supported by John Deere's extensive, worldwide parts delivery network.
  • Wherever you are, we can get a part to you.


There's one right for your next operation.

  • M-Gator A1
    Six-wheel design and high payload capacity make this an ideal choice for high-volume cargo movement. Includes military folding steel cargo bed. JP8/Diesel fueled.
  • M-Gator A3
    High ground clearance, true on-demand 4WD and custom-engineered suspension for excellent offroad performance. Includes military folding steel cargo bed. JP8/Diesel fueled.
  • RSX 850i
    The fastest Gator yet! With a top speed of 53mph, this powerful Gator will move quickly between assignments. Features an electronic fuel injection gasoline engine.
  • XUV 550 S4
    Hauls 4 passengers and gear through rugged terrain. Features four-wheel drive, two-range CVT transmission and a responsive gasoline engine.