OHIO-STS515 Ag Mach, Mowers, Tractors

Contract Number: 800276 
Contract Period: January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018

State agencies are allowed to use this contract. This is also a cooperative purchase contract allowing members of the state's cooperative purchasing program to make purchases.


To verify membership for the cooperative purchasing program, view the county map and then:

• To the right under “Services” choose “County Report”

• Then choose to export either to excel or by pdf.


For questions regarding the Co-op program or current members, contact the DAS Cooperative Purchasing Team:

Wayne McCulty, State Purchasing Administrator

Phone: 614.466.7066, E-mail: Wayne.McCulty@das.state.oh.us

Renee Hinte, Program Administrator
Phone: 614.466.6530, E-mail: Renee.Hinte@das.state.oh.us

Maureen Studer, Purchasing Specialist
Phone: 614.728.3723, E-mail: Maureen.Studer@das.state.oh.us


Quotes and Purchase Orders:
To obtain a quote, contact your local John Deere Dealer.  Submit purchase order to your local dealer.

All purchase orders must show John Deere Company as the vendor and reference the contract number.

Contract Details

Quotes Quotes are valid for 30 days from the creation date of the quote OR when the contract expires, whichever occurs first. All quotes created in JDQ2 have creation and expiration dates on the upper right hand corner of the first quote page for your convenience. 
Credit Cards Credit card usage is optional for purchases up to $2,500 unless the Office of Budget and Management has approved the agency to exceed this limit.
Delivery Obligations

Prior to delivering any contract sales, dealers must be approved by the state of Ohio and listed on the approved dealer listing.

Any dealer not listed on the approved dealer listing must complete all of the following items prior to participating in the contract.  Please review the requirements carefully to avoid delays with being approved as Ohio will return documents not competed exactly as requested. The approval process takes approximately 30 days.

1) Review the Non-IT STS Training document.

2) Review the Non-IT STS Terms and Conditions document.

3) Complete Dealer Acceptance Letter (“Y-letter”)

- Enter your dealership’s legal name in each space that says “Authorized Dealer Name”

- Enter your Ohio Secretary of State Charter/Registration Number in the field as requested. If you do not have a Charter/Registation Number, please see number 5 below. Questions regarding registration should be directed to (614) 466-3910, or visit http://www.sos.state.oh.us

- Enter your dealerships information under “Purchase Orders to be sent to the following address”. You will upload all PO’s into JDQuote2 for processing.

– Copy completed document on dealership letterhead and sign in blue ink

4) Electronically file the Affirmative Action Program Verification on the Ohio Business Gateway (“OBG”) website https://ohiobusinessgateway.ohio.gov/OBG/Membership/Security.mvc/Login#MainContainer

5) If you do not have a State Charter / Registration Number, complete your registration with the Secretary of State. Questions regarding registration should be directed to (614) 466-3910, or visit http://www.sos.state.oh.us

6) Complete the check list

7) Submit all required items above via mail with original signatures in blue ink or email to GNSBids@JohnDeere.com as color pdf files with signatures in blue ink to the attention of Becki Shadmani

Fees No fees may be charged.

Not allowed on this contract.

Multiple Unit Discount

Multiple unit discounts are permitted allowed. The contract discount plus the multiple unit discount equals the total discount. Discounts are based on the following schedule:

Quantity Additional Discount
3-4 1%
5-6 2%
7-8 3%
9 units or more 4%

Sales of 3 or more like self-propelled products sold on the same purchase order are eligible for the multi-unit discount. Self-propelled products must be listed in the same tabbed price book section and included on the same purchase order, with the exception of our utility vehicles. Compatible implements sold with such products also qualify for the mutli-unit discount, but do not count as a unit.

Frontier Equipment is excluded from the Multiple Unit Discount.


Non-contract Equipment Not allowed on this contract.
Non-contract Deere Equipment Not allowed on this contract.
Rental Not allowed on this contract. 

John Deere must seek written approval from the state for substitution requests. 

Trade-In Allowed. Items must be clearly labeled on the purchase order or quote as Trade-In.
Miscellaneous None.

Price Structure

Price Page Tabs

Product Descriptions 

Discounts off MSRP 

Price Page Dates 


Lawn Tractors (X300s only) & Equipment




Garden Tractors & Equipment




Equipment for Lawn & Garden Tractors




Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers & Equipment




Commercial Zero-Turn-Radius Mowers & Equipment




Commercial Front Mowers & Equipment




Commercial Wide Area Mowers & Equipment




Compact Utility Tractors & Equipment



C21 Equipment for Commercial Mowing Products 24.25% 01Nov17


Equipment for Compact Utility Tractors




Recreational Utility Vehicles & Equipment




Mid Duty Crossover Utility Vehicles & Equipment




Heavy-Duty Crossover Utility Vehicles & Equipment




Traditional Utility Vehicles & Equipment




HPX Utility Vehicles & Equipment



C48 Utility Vehicles Equipment 17.25% 05Feb18


Reel Mowers & Equipment




Special Application Mowers & Equipment




Special Application Vehicles & Equipment




Aeration & Equipment




Debris Maintenance & Equipment



G35 Fleet Management 13.25% 11Jan18










Hay & Forage 








Planters/Drills /Air Seeders 








Implements & Equipment




Ag Management Solutions





Cutting & Mowing

Hay & Forage



Material Handling

Planting & Seeding
















Payment Remittance Information

Remit to Address:
Deere & Company
Ag & Turf CBD & Government Sales
21748 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1217

Contract Updates

17Apr2018 - Removed language stating utility vehicle substitutions were allowed. Only allowed until price pages were updated.

05Apr18 - Updated pricing for Price Tabs C39 thru C42, C47, A2 and A9. Added Price Tab G35.

21Dec17 - Extended contract and updated all price pages.

16Oct17 - Added substitutions allowed for gators. Added 6110M cab tractor to contract. Both effective 12Oct17.

05Apr17 - Removed verbiage that stated non-state agencies could use financing.

28Dec16 - Extended contract through December 31, 2017.

12Sep16 - Updated all price pages.


08Mar16 - Updated approved dealer listing.


15Feb16 - Updated all price pages.


14Dec15 - Updated all price pages.


02Oct15 - Updated all price pages.

01Sep15 - Updated approved dealer listing.

27May15 Updated all price pages.

27Feb15-Updated all price pages.

04Aug14-Updated C15 Commercial Front Mowers.

15Apr14-Updated all price pages.

02Apr14 - Updated approved dealer listing.

02Jul13 – Updated all price pages; Section C12 Advantage ZTR’s removed from contract

29Apr13 – Updated approved dealer listing.

14Feb13 - Updated approved dealer listing.

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