Licensing Form

After purchasing TimberNavi™ from your local dealer, please fill out the following information to license your map designer software:

Customer Name*
Company Name*
Email Address*
Local Dealer*
Challenge Key*
(Provided on initial log-in to map designer)

(See Instructions Below)

*Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.



Licensing Form Instructions

    1.     Close TimberNavi Map Designer and the Simulator if it is open.
    2.     Open the License Tool program from the Start menu → Programs→ John Deere → License Tool
    3.     Check your computer’s unique challenge key by pressing the GET button in the “Challenge key”

    4.     Copy the challenge key by pressing the COPY button in the “Challenge key” section.
    5.     Paste the challenge key in the Challenge Key field (above) and fill out other mandatory fields:
            Customer Name, Company Name, and your local John Deere Dealer. Press the SEND button to
            complete the request.

    6.     A John Deere representative will provide the license file to the email address entered into the form.
    7.     Save the XML license file to your PC
    8.     Open the License Tool program again and click OPEN LICENSE KEY FILE
    9.     Browse to the file location and click OPEN
    10.   Click the OK button to save the license key onto your computer.
    11.   License tool opens a pop-up window telling that the license key was valid. Click the OK button to confirm.
    12.   You have now successfully licensed your TimberNavi Map Designer and Simulator software.