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Wheel Loader infographic

9 Tire Tips to Increase Wheel Loader Production and Decrease Costs


  • Maintain proper tire pressure to maximize total work cycles.
  • Match tire pressures to the application, whether sand, gravel, rock or topsoil. Proper inflation increases traction and tire life. Refer to tire manufacturer load/pressure tables or contact your equipment dealer for proper pressures by application.
  • Disengage differential locks when additional traction isn't needed.
  • Avoid tire spinning and obstacles.
  • Limit wet conditions that can make it easier for objects to cut or puncture tires.
  • Slow Down. Slower speeds allow more time to see and avoid obstacles.
  • Inspect tires daily before operation.
  • Minimize transport distances and sharp turns.
  • Manage tires remotely with telematics systems such as JDLink™.
Follow the link to learn more about tire pressure monitoring in this video

Reducing Tire Costs

When tire pressure gets too low or too high, your productivity falls flat. So keep tabs on every tire in your fleet with John Deere WorkSight.

Learn more about tire pressure monitoring in this video