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Taking a Family Business into the Next Generation

Tyler Webb with a chainsaw and big tree

As a child, Tyler Webb watched his grandfather use oxen to pull logs out of the woods, and knew one day he would follow in those footsteps. After obtaining an industrial forestry degree from Paul Smith’s college in Western New York, Webb is now certified through the New Hampshire Certified Loggers program, making his childhood dream a reality.


Now 28 years old, Webb works for his family's company, Harding Hill Farm LLC in Sunapee, New Hampshire, as a certified arborist and professional logger. The majority of the company's work is in forestry, logging, and tree care, but as a diversified New Hampshire farm, they also make maple syrup, harvest hay, and raise grass-fed beef. Such diversification allows their company to thrive during challenging times and poor weather, but also means there is no such thing as a typical day on the job.


For Webb, the most rewarding part of his job as a logging professional is harvesting land that has been managed by both his father and grandfather, and having the opportunity to continue their legacy. Most recently he helped harvest a piece of property for the fourth time commercially. From that lot, Webb and his family have harvested more than half a million feet of white pine.


In addition to his work for the family business, Webb is a member of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association, New Hampshire Arborists Association and the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association. The company also contributes to local events such as providing syrup to the annual Sunapee Turkey Trot 5k Race and maintaining a trail system that is used for an annual mountain bike and trail-running race.


When asked if he could share any advice for young people looking to get into the forestry industry, Webb replied:


"The forest products industry can be challenging, but it can by very satisfying if you enjoy hard work and the outdoors. I chose it due to my passion for trees and the outdoors. The biggest misconception is that loggers are destroying the natural landscape of our forests. With the proper management techniques, much of the logging industry is actually providing healthier forests by encouraging improved tree health and wildlife habitat and I'm happy I can do that every day.”


At John Deere, young loggers like Tyler Webb continue to inspire us to advocate for their continued achievements and develop reliable products to keep the industry up and running.