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Building on a Strong Foundation

Jeremy Whitesides credits strong values and hard work to logging success

Jeremy Whitesides in front of a pile of logs

Like music, logging is in Jeremy Whitesides’s blood.


On Sundays, you'll find Whitesides at the piano in his church in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, leading the hymns during worship services. Most other days, he'll be hard at work in the woods of Western North Carolina.


"It's one of the hardest, most physically demanding jobs, but at the end of the day, when you come in and take your boots off, you feel accomplished, and that's why I like logging, it's rewarding," said Jeremy. He believes both logging and music are passions he was born to do, and loves that this career allows him to enjoy both.


Jeremy knew he wanted to be a logger from the age of eight when weekends consisted of logging trips to the woods with his brother, father, and uncle. Now 26, Jeremy and his brother operate a successful logging business called Richland Creek Timber in Lake Toxaway.


Jeremy believes the future of the forestry industry is bright, and would do anything for a fellow logger. Whether it be lending equipment, or giving tricks of the trade, Jeremy is always making strides to improve his operation and help fellow loggers in North Carolina.


Jeremy recognizes the need for young loggers to be entering the industry, and when asked about his own son he said, "I want to give my son the opportunity to be a logger and follow in my footsteps. He has learned the values of being a logger, being honest and hardworking, which he can carry with him anywhere."


Young, successful loggers like Jeremy Whitesides are shining examples of the great opportunities and rewards one can achieve as a logging professional through investments of time, hard work, and dedication – and one who also understands the value of a good work life balance, as exemplified by his strong family ties and his care for the community.