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Increase Productivity with Less Effort

John Deere skidder working in a forest

The Autoshift option on John Deere skidders automatically selects the gear based on the load. By taking over the shifting, it allows the operator to focus on the job at hand. This helps reduce fatigue while burning less fuel. Autoshift is easy to use. And following these common-sense tips will also help you get even more productivity and fuel efficiency out of your skidder.



Put normal skidder operations on "cruise control"

On long skids where you don't have to do a lot of shifting, Autoshift allows you to simply "set and forget." Working much like the automatic transmission in your pickup truck, sensors read engine rpm and transmission torque. The software automatically selects the optimum gear for the load and shifts accordingly. In normal conditions, that's all there is to it.


Set upper and lower limits for more control

There are times when you may want more control, for example, in poor ground conditions where it is hard to see the terrain or the turning coming up ahead. Autoshift allows you to set the lower and upper limits of automatic shifts. Beyond those limits, you are in control, making it easier to find just the right amount of torque when you need to pull yourself out of a mud hole, soft spongy ground, or boggy terrain.


Burn less fuel

Some of your operators may constantly run in a low gear at a higher rpm. Others may stay in a higher gear too long before downshifting. Either way, they're burning more fuel. By automatically taking over shifting, Autoshift boosts fuel efficiency.


Adapt your operating style to the transmission type

Operators running a lockup torque converter may find that the transmission offers all the control they need. Others running a direct-drive transmission may appreciate how Autoshift takes over shifting so they can focus on the work at hand.