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Next Generation of Logging Needs Social Media to Reach Customers

Image of Turner Logging's Facebook page

For Daniel Turner, logging has always been more than a job – it's a way of life. A 28 year old, fourth generation logger, Turner puts pride and dedication into every job he completes with his family owned business – driving innovation along the way. Early in his career he realized "the way we've always done it" was not necessarily the best way, and had a clear vision of how the business could run more efficiently. With time and strategic planning, he successfully helped transition the family operation to updated equipment, trading operator fatigue and downtime for increased productivity. Turner has also found success through social media, creating a Facebook page for their customers and the general public to keep up with their daily activities in the logging industry. Through the page, he strives to help their fans and followers better understand the logging industry through pictures, descriptions of the duties they perform and historical content about the land they come across in the timber.


As Turner has shown, social media and digital marketing can be a powerful way to reach your customers and spread the word about your business. Below are some beginner's tips to keep in mind when marketing to your audience through social media. 


  1. If you aren't currently using social channels to support your business you should consider having a social presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and be sure to cross promote these channels.

  3. Include the "essentials" on your social channels. When your customers visit your social media assets they will look to find your address, along with a link to your website (if applicable) and a phone number to reach you.

  5. Remember on social channels your followers are looking to get quick bits of information. Make sure your posts are short and to the point. This is especially important on Twitter, which allows only 140 characters a post.

  7. Shorten links that you post by using bit.ly. This website also enables you to track how many people have clicked on the link that you post.

  9. Images are great assets to have on social channels because they help to capture attention and bring personality to your posts. Videos are another great way to engage with your followers online. As with social posts, videos should be short to keep the viewer's attention.


Once you have you have your channels up, make sure that you have a resource for maintaining or keeping your social channel content up to date. For inspiration, visit the Turner Logging, LLC Facebook page and be sure to follow John Deere's social channels:


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