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JDLink™ Thwarts Skidder Theft

Mike McCoy reunited with his stolen Skidder thanks to JDLink

On a bright and early March morning, Terri Hensley, Service Administrator at Stribling Equipment in Texarkana, Arkansas, answered a phone call from frantic customer, Mike McCoy. Mike was calling to let someone know his skidder had been stolen. "I told him ok and placed him on hold," Terri recalled. "Then I picked the phone back up immediately and asked him if it was the skidder he just bought a couple of months ago." It was the same skidder. Terri knew that machine had JDLink™ and that she could track it with the serial number and JDLink information. "We confirmed the serial numbers and I found that the machine was halfway between McAlester and Wilburn, Oklahoma."


Mike informed Terri that he was about 115 miles from that location and asked if she would speak with a deputy to inform him of what JDLink was showing. The deputy asked that Terri call his dispatcher and give him directions to the machine.


Terri then called and spoke with dispatcher, giving him the latitude and longitude provided by JDLink. An officer was dispatched to the location and found a skidder running exactly where JDLink said it would be. Before going further, the officer needed to confirm that the machine belonged to Mike. The dispatcher called Terri back to request the location of the serial number plate. As she gave him the location of the plate, Terri continued checking JDLink and could see that the machine was being used. JDLink also showed that the machine was shut down by Mike's operator between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. the previous day. The machine was started up again between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. that night.


The dispatcher then asked if there were other ways to identify this machine. The officer had located the serial number plate; however, it had been ground off. Thanks to JDLink, Terri was able to inform him of the current hour reading and gave him the engine serial number. About 10 minutes later, the dispatcher called back to say that they had positively identified the machine as Mike McCoy's. "He told me that the operator reported that he purchased the machine the previous night in Smithville, Oklahoma," Terri said. Thanks to JDLink, it took less than five minutes to locate the stolen skidder; and because of the quick action and teamwork of all involved, this machine has been recovered. "From the time Mr. McCoy called until the arrest was made was barely more than an hour," Terri remembered.