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Building Uptime Together

Construction equipment at a jobsite

When we ask customers about the one thing they want more than anything else from an equipment provider, the answer we hear more than any other is uptime.


We're dedicated to continually improving our equipment so we can offer the most reliable, durable machines on the market. But, as a contractor in Florida once so bluntly told us – if it's yellow, it's going to break. Of course, this reality is not unique to John Deere yellow machines, but is true of all makes and colors of mechanized equipment. And while completely eliminating downtime is a battle that will likely never be won, we remain dedicated to putting up a good fight with our strong customer allies.


The ongoing battle for uptime requires a collaborative relationship between manufacturer, dealer, and contractor. And we believe we have the strongest dealer network in the industry – we strive to provide the best customer support in order to maximize uptime for our customers.


Technology is also making it easier for us to help deliver more uptime. Increasingly, customers are benefiting from John Deere WorkSight, our exclusive suite of telematics solutions that optimizes machines, uptime, and jobsites.


Until now, we were only scratching the surface. Then we thought: What if we could bring together the power of our dealer network and the uptime-optimization benefits of John Deere WorkSight to create a fully integrated, customer-support solution?


What if our dealers could be with our customers – via telematics – at all times, ensuring our machines are healthy and problems are prevented before they occur?


These "what-ifs" led to definitive answers we call Ultimate Uptime.


Ultimate Uptime in action

The Lane Construction Corporation was working in Texas on a $128-million, 3.8 mile-long interstate project that posed myriad time, regulatory, and jobsite challenges. Lane partnered with its local Deere dealer, RDO Equipment Company in Fort Worth, on an Ultimate Uptime solution called RDO Promise.


"Uptime is critical on all construction jobs – especially heavy-highway projects – because of all the things that can throw the job out of whack when a machine is down," says RDO Sales Manager Jim Carell.


Adds Lane Construction's Mechanical Supervisor Randy Wilson, "We sat down with our John Deere dealer several times to discuss our needs before we even bid on the project. When you're out there battling to meet deadlines, there's no better wingman than John Deere."


Based on its requirements for managing equipment costs over the expected life of the job, RDO added a three-year powertrain and hydraulics warranty. In addition to benefiting from Ultimate Uptime's unmatched machine-health prognostics and remote-diagnostic programming capabilities, they were able to bid more competitively knowing that unplanned repair costs related to engines, transmissions, and hydraulics were eliminated.


"The 36-month, 5,000-hour powertrain and hydraulics warranty gets us through the whole job from the time we start until the time we finish," says Lane's Assistant Mechanical Supervisor Travis Kincaid.