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Features & Specs

  • Generation 4 CommandCenter with 4100 (7”) or 4600 (10”) touchscreen
  • e18 Transmission with Efficiency Manager
  • AirCushion Suspension System for comfort and versatility
  • Integrated Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)
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EnginePowerTech 13.5 l
Max Power (97/68EC)517 hp (380 kW)
Max hydraulic pump flow220 l/min, optional 435 l/min
3-Point Hitch6804 kg, optional 9072 kg
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    9470RT Tractor


    There’s intelligence behind this power

    Farms are getting larger than ever and operating them efficiently calls for ever more power backed by intelligent solutions that maximise uptime while reducing the cost of operation. With a maximum 517 horse power engine and e18 Transmission, the 9470RT delivers optimum power, when you need it.

    For the ultimate in power to the ground the 9470RT gives you the largest track transfer area of any agricultural tractor. Improved hydraulics provide high hydraulic flow for the largest implements at low engine rpm. Advancements in total vehicle control and unprecedented power output combine with AMS technology to make the 9RT one of the most capable track tractors in the world.

    The 9470RT will get tough, heavy draft applications such as cultivating and ploughing done faster and more cost-effectively than ever.