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R4040iSelf-Propelled Sprayer. The thoroughbred

Features & Specs

  • Solution Command: Fill, spray and rinse accurately and easily
  • Variable geometry BoomTrac Pro increases application accuracy and efficiency
  • XtraFlex individual dual strut wheel suspension
  • Hydraulic track width adjustment to match different tramlines
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Engine Displacement6.8 l
Rated Horsepower176 kW (240 hp)
Tank capacity nominal volume4,000 l
Spray boomDouble folded, 24 to 36 m
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    R4040i Self-Propelled Sprayers


    The silhouette of the R4040i Sprayer shows the benefits of locating major components to optimize weight distribution and stability. The operator sits in the natural control position, between the axles and close to the machine’s centre of gravity. He has better all-round vision, is protected from unpleasant pitching when travelling over uneven ground and enjoys a feeling of complete control – like riding a thoroughbred horse, but much more comfortable.

    Operating the R4040i Sprayer could not be easier: all control interfaces are familiar to John Deere customers.
    • XtraFlex individual wheel air suspension

      XtraFlex individual wheel air suspension

      Individual dual strut wheel suspension with automatic pressure adjustment provides much more than operator comfort, the suspension system maximizes stability on uneven terrain and provides greater boom stability for more precise application.

    • BoomTrac Pro variable boom geometry

      BoomTrac Pro variable boom geometry

      Variable boom geometry sensors provide automatic and independent (right/left) boom-height adjustment, according to the contours of the spraying environment. Ideal for working in undulating terrain at speeds up to 20 km/h.

    • John Deere Section Control

      John Deere Section Control

      The GPS-based John Deere Section Control takes over full control of the boom sections, automatically switching them on and off when leaving or entering predefined areas. Reducing skips and overlaps automatically reduces input costs for chemicals.





    Section Control

    John Deere Section Control - minimize skips and overlap automatically
    Overlap and crop damage due to overspray can be avoided with John Deere Section control which reduces the application costs and increases efficiency. You can easily calculate the savings per ha or year with our Section Control calculator.

     €/ha      €/year
    Chemical costs / ha
    Chemical costs / year
    Farm area
    Applications per year
    Usage of sprayer (years)

    Costs for Section Control
    Savings with Section Control
    Savings with Section Control:
    The calculation gives an approximate saving value, based on average chemical cost´s per ha, farm size, number of applications and usages of sprayer. The savings in percentage can vary based on the structure of the fields.