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CR125 Auto

Features & Specs

  • Small and versatile
  • Intuiative operation
  • Rear collection
  • Automatic transmission
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Recommended Mowing AreaUp to 2000 m²
Cutting Width72cm (28in)
Engine Power6.8 kW at 2800 rpm
SpeedUp to 7.8 km/h (4.8 mph) Forward
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    CR 125 Auto


    Taking care of your lawn is simple.

    The CR125 Automatic Rider packs comfort, power and a whole lot of fun into mowing. This versatile model is the perfect answer for smaller areas where mobility is key. With the engine being rear mounted, the CR125 Auto benefits from great up front visibility.

    Operating the mower is a breeze, too, with an intuitive hand lever controlling your operating speed.

    Easy to Own. Easy to Operate. Easy to Maintain. The CR125 Automatic Rider

    CR125 Automatic Rider