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Engineered for the toughest conditions and maximum area performance,the 740A pneumatic drill for minimum tillage and the all-round 750A pneumatic drill from John Deere impress with the highest precision standards. Conventional, minimum or no till – these high performance machines deliver outstanding advantages whatever the system:

  • Precise seed placement in all conditions
  • Highest work rates offering outstanding area output
  • Lower labour and fuel costs for increased profit
  • Reliable working performance even with large amounts of residue
  • Exact depth control for even crop emergence
  • Advanced operator information systems
  • Optional satellite-supported guidance

740A double disc pneumatic mulch drill

Light-draught despite solid strength
740A double disc pneumatic mulch drill
High area performance in both minimum cultivation and ploughed land is a trademark of the 740A John Deere drill through its particularly low draught requirement. This means that even with 9m working width it’s easily pulled with just 96kW (130hp).

The large capacity hopper holds 2300 or 3500 l for highly efficient, non-stop drilling for maximum hectares/hour.

Double disc openers ensure smooth, fast and trouble-free sowing with the 740A drill. The opener discs are especially positioned for effective penetration even through hard ground and high amounts of surface residue. Precise seeding depth results in even crop emergence and optimum yields.

750A all-purpose pneumatic drill

Quality leads the way
750A all-purpose pneumatic drill
World-proven drill technologies with low HP requirements, combined with openers which ensure even emergence optimise yields and efficiency. The single-disc openers on the all-round John Deere 750A drill are accepted worldwide with sales of over 2 million units. They ensure precise seed placement even when seeding directly into the stubble.

Thanks to robust welded-frame construction the 750A drill proves itself again and again even under the hardest seeding conditions. With drilling speeds of up to 15km/h and maximum 6m working width, high area performance can be taken for granted.

The 750A from John Deere comes with a working width that saves time, labour and fuel – unbeatable versatility that pays for itself again and again.