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1590 Box Drill


  • Working widths of 3.0 m, 4.6 m and 6.1 m
  • Variable row spacing
  • Single disk for all conditions: no-till, mulch-till, and conventional till
  • Hydraulic down pressure of up to 181,5 kg
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    Conventional-till, mulch-till and no-till seeding and fertilising


    Virtuoso of versatility

    There are many ways to seed your fields and the John Deere 1590 Box Drill is perfect to handle all of them – from conventional-till to no-till, from grains to legumes, from plain grain to grass seed or even combination grain/fertiliser seed boxes.

    Discover the best option for your fields here; to find the best match for your needs, ask your John Deere dealer for details.