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D45CCommercial Scarifier

Features & Specs

  • Quick adjuster for engaging blade
  • 19 steel scarifying blades
  • Easy to operate and manoeuvre
  • Powerful engine for consistent performance
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Recommended Mowing Area4000
Mower Cutting Width45cm (17.7in)
Engine Power3.7kW (at 3300rpm)
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    John Deere D45C


    D45C Scarifiers

    The D45C is designed for operators who require high levels of performance across larger areas of operation. The 19 steel blades, which provide a 45cm (17.7in) working width aggressively remove unwanted material allowing your lawn to breath and promote grass growth. The compact and well balanced design means that the D45C can be easily manoeuvred, particularly beneficial when operating in confined areas.

    John Deere D45C