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  • Active Terrain Adjustment for automatic adjustment of fan speed, chaffer- and sieve position
  • DynaFlo Plus cleaning shoe for up to 5% more productivity
  • Active concave isolation for higher throughput in tough conditions
  • ConnectedCombine – Your technology Advantage
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Displacement 13,5 l
Max Power (ECE R120) 460 kw (625 PS)
Grain tank volume 14.100 l (10.600 l for HM)
Unload rate at peak performance 135 l/sec (120 l/sec for HM)
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    John Deere S690


    John Deere S690 – Harvest in record time

    Start your next harvest season with a combine that makes it easy for you to get the best out of your crop, even in tough conditions. The new S690 not only increases your productivity and efficiency but also reduces your total cost of harvesting:

    The new DynaFloPlus cleaning shoe gives you up to 5% more productivity. The Active Terrain Adjustment let you work uphill and downhill with up to 40% higher performance. Gather down crop up to 20% faster with the new Hydraulic Fore Aft Tilt Feeder-house!

    The new 12.20 m 640PF header with a 760 mm large intake auger and conveyor belt will eat any crop from tall and green rape to down crop! MyJobConnect and myLogistics Apps connect you with all your drivers for easy navigation and coordination.

    The new S690 is developed in Europe and it’s also built in Europe. It´s designed for heavy, dense crops and high capacity and it doesn’t just harvest more tonnes per hour, it minimises losses and broken kernels so more than 99% of the grain goes into your tank and that means more money in your pocket.





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    *Maximum engine power.