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This draper header is designed for lower yields and features a smaller belt positioned more fl at. The heads fi rst feeding provides a better feeding of both walker and rotary combines especially in low yielding areas. The excellent ground following capability enables high forward speeds even on rough terrain. The 900D is available in 9.15m and 11.00m width. The air suspended gauge wheels provide excellent ground contour following.

Low maintenance design: A mechanically driven on-board high-capacity hydraulic pump maintains system pressure. No additional reservoir, oil cooler, or oil fi lter are required.

Double cut knife drive: The short double knives provide two cuts per stroke at a lower ground clearance for improved cutting rate and gathering.The cutter bar can be mechanically tilted to change cutting height.

A road transport system: is available as an option converting to road transport confi guration by relocating the platform gauge wheels, extending the hitch on the left side of the draper platform in about 10 min (same for 600D)

The 936D offers the alternative of creating windrows delivering the windrow to the right-hand end of the platform or right-hand drive tire.



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