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The right header for regions where direct cutting is not possible due to weather conditions or sensitive crops. The dual-belt delivery system, the FieldGlide suspension system and a larger auger with an improved fi nger pattern for better crop engagement supply superior crop handling.

Faster harvesting: The FieldGuide air spring suspension eliminates platform bounce, even at higher speeds, and improves overall pick up reliability. The pressure can be adjusted out of the cab.

Two-belt design: The pickup belt is optimized to pick the crop and transfers it to a second belt which is moving it horizontally and fl at under the large feed drum. This means smooth feeding of even large materials amounts. The belt speed can be adjusted out of the cab from 3-150m/min.

Windscreen: Wide 915mm opening allows to adapt to any windrow size. Double acting hydraulic cylinders provide faster reaction and allow to keep pressure on the windrow for better feeding.

Big drum: The large 660mm diameters allows to handle high volumes of crop. The 57mm fl oat range of the auger height adapts easily to even the highest crop volumes. All to constantly feed the combine for maximum Performance.



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