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The 600F header with the floating cutterbar runs faster and cuts cleaner on uneven ground for reduced losses in down or tangled crops. The 600F is available from 6.10m up to 10.70m. It shares the same basic features as the 600R like knife drive, auger, frame, stinless steel floor and much more.

Cuts close on uneven ground: Flexible cutting bar with a wide 152mm range of fl oatation up and down for gathering more crop over the whole width of the cutterbar. The in cab adjustable fl oatation pressure provides fast adaptation and reduces bulldozing in wet or loose ground.

Low grain loss: Poly skid shoes set at 38mm minimum cutting height provide less friction and adhesion of soil as well as reduced fi re risk in dry and stony conditions.

Handles large-stemmed crops: Short double knives provide 2 cuts per stroke for an improved cutting rate at a low ground clearance to catch more crop from the ground. We recommend the fi ne tooth knife for small grains as optional spare knife. The coarse knife is standard for beans or peas. Chose the the knife with long and short coarse sections to e.g. cut corn stalks in tough no-till crop rotations.

High efficiency cutting: The optional stone dam reduces the chance that stone enter the combine. Adjust knife guards quickly for knife section clearance with the Dura-Twin knife section. The high-wear treatment on the knife sections extend the wear to components exposed to a lot of dirt.in thick stemmed crops or weeds.

Full adaptation to small grains and rape: Header height sensors are optional to lock the fl ex cutterbar into the rigid position to cut off the ground regular small grains. Standard rape extension can also be fi tted as an option.



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