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900 Series


Takes productivity to the next level: the new 900 Series.

With its innovative unloading concept and uncompromising design, the all-new 900 Series turns out one perfect bale after another – at speeds that leave the competition standing!

Thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency, rugged design and advanced automation options, this incredible variable chamber baler will keep you in the fast lane for years to come.
  • Full frame design
  • Independent bale chamber
  • ISOBUS 2010 enabled
  • Unique Fast Release System
  • Low centre of gravity
  • 2.2m RotoFlow or MaxiCut HC 25 cutter
  • Non-stick offloading
  • Tractor-Baler Automation
Get in the fast lane (and stay there) with the new 900 Series baler. 

  • Full frame design

    Full Frame Design

    Full frame design The unique full frame design protects all the baling components from the stress and strain they normally have to withstand.

  • Bale Chamber

    Independent Bale Chamber

    The bale chamber plays no structural role at all, so it suffers much less stress and strain than on a conventional baler.

  • Fast Release System

    Fast Release System

    With no heavy conventional gate to lift or close, the 900 Series gets back to work in just 5 seconds – that’s three times faster!




900 Series Baler Specifications
View detailed information in the Specifications sheet

Download 900 Series Baler Specifications


*Requires ISOBUS Tractor + AutoPower + E-SCV